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Improve Lung Capacity With Heart Healthy Exercises
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Most people who read about exercises understand that working out is good for your heart and circulation. But many don't know that a certain type of training is excellent for improving your lung capacity, literally making your lungs bigger.

What I found astounding that your lungs are the most important organs in your body for longevity. And that cardio training not only does nothing to increase lung efficiency, but it results in you having smaller lungs.

Why High Intensity Interval Training Routines

High intensity simply means a short spurt of hard exertion. You push the muscle(s) to the limit, because you are not going to prolong the movement. You are going to stop for a measured interval and catch your breath.

That interval however, will not be long enough for you to catch your breath entirely, to a rest point. You can stop moving entirely or move with decreased effort. When you start your next spurt of work, your heart and lungs will be accelerated, and even as they are relieved in the intervals, they are driven gradually toward their limit of exertion.

High intensity interval training has long been associated with runners and sprinters. But you can apply this to any kind of exercise including:

  • running on a treadmill
  • jumping rope
  • jumping jacks
  • a series of squats and lunges perhaps with weights
  • walking - brisk then relaxed, for a few repetitions
  • recumbant bike
  • rowing machine

This style of workout can be done in small spaces. It does not require any machines.

(I'm kind if saying no excuses about avoiding exercise!)

Dance classes including classical ballet are great interval workouts. The routines are all of short duration because the design of the exercises requires maximum muscle exertion. If you get into the intermediate and advanced levels of dance, you are in great shape.

One of the simplest yet hardest to do exercises (if you are not in shape) is the jump rope.

  • you jump 30 times, with little bounce in between
  • you rest for 30 seconds
  • then jump 60 times, with the bounce
  • rest for 30 seconds
  • jump 20 quick jumps, no in between bounce - and you're done!!

If needed, you could do the above formula with half the amounts - 15, rest - 30, rest - and 10.

It doesn't really matter at what level you start. As long as you start! Because you will find that you can do more if you exercise regularly.

Boost Your Metabolism Lose Weight

This type of exercise will improve lung capacity which is its strongest health feature, but it will also boost up metabolism.

There is much do be gained from such heart healthy exercises. I hope this article has made you curious and inspired you to work out.

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Nice article! Love those HIIT workouts! They are short and intense..and activate the metabolism and keep it high next 24 hours...which is great for losing fat.. Check my new article about that subject, would love to hear your opinion!

  about 9 years ago
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