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Increase Grip And Forearm Strength For Pole Dancers
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Increase Grip And Forearm Strength for Pole Dancers

One the most common issues pole dance students struggle with is keeping a firm grip on the pole while doing complicated strength moves. Developing the ability to climb a pole and hold yourself up with only your arms and make it look pretty takes a significant amount of upper body strength. This includes muscles in the forearms and fingers that we don’t normally train. Most students know how to train the biceps, triceps and the shoulders when they are not in class but don’t have a clue how to develop grip strength or train their forearms. Building these muscles outside of class is easy once you have the right tools. The short list below will give a quick overview of some inexpensive tools that can be used to develop the strength needed to pull off some amazing tricks.

Product # 1 The Dynaflex Pro Gyro Exerciser

This tool is by far the easiest and most efficient method to build both grip and forearm strength and it is portable. Results can be seen in as little as a few weeks. These results will vary depending on how much you use it and how much pole time you are putting in. The Dynaflex Pro is about the size of a tennis ball and has a plastic shell with another weighted ball inside. Once you get it started it creates resistance for working those forearms and it takes a good grip to hang on once the speed picks up.


This product is easy to use and it is small enough to fit in most purses or training bags. It has a weighted ball inside to create resistance. Once the ball is spinning it is harder to hold on to therefore increasing your grip strength. There is a DVD included that demonstrates several types of exercises to help you create a forearm training routine.


The product comes in a package with a DVD and written instructions and they both give you near impossible instructions first then they tell you the easy way to start the thing. There is a string in the package so if you do buy this product skip to the pull start directions do not waste your time with the other methods.

Product #2 Hand Grippers


This tool is also a very effective way to increase your grip and forearm strength. They are easy to use and they are relatively small. They can be stored in a glove compartment in your car or in a purse. All you need to do is squeeze until your feel the burn.


There is no variety here only one exercise can be done with this product. Hand grippers also come at different strength levels sort of like buying a set of weights each time you go up in strength you have to another one or you can opt for the more expensive option of getting a pack with several strength levels.

Product #3 Hand Weights

Hand weights are a great option for increasing forearm strength. Choose a reasonable sized weight stand with your arms out in front straight out in front of you palms up and use only your hands and wrists to lift the weights towards your face, turn palms down and continue to lift towards your face. You should not use heavy weights for this. The key is to isolate the forearms and feel the burning of working muscles not pain.

Product #4 Pull Up Bar

A pull up bar is a great piece of equipment for a pole dancer to utilize. They are not expensive and you can put one in almost any door frame in your home. To increase grip strength you can either hang from it or design a workout that keeps you hanging on while working on your abs or your shoulders. Pull ups will help you work all those upper body muscles and you can add some flare to them by using your abs to pull your core up. Split the legs and point the toes and you will be able to strengthen all those muscles you use in the Helicopter move.

Product #5 Pole Dance Pole

A dance pole for the home is one of the best ways to work on those strength moves. A good pole is expensive and in many cases not practical for small spaces. Most classes will teach you how to increase your strength using the pole. If you are working on a split grip for instance you will want to position your hands and then lightly try to lift your weight using mostly the top arm if that hurts you are not ready for this grip. Try some pole hops where you grip the poll and use your arms to pull you up off the ground making you appear as if you are hopping yet the arms a re doing all the work.

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