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Increase Lung Capacity And Help Heart Disease
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Cardiopulmonary exertion - means increase your lung capacity and help heart disease, or prevent heart disease. But what exactly is that? Have we not been told since the 1980's that we need to do cardio exercise - walking, jogging, running, increasing the duration and intensity gradually, but all the time, in order to "strengthen" our heart and lung capacity?

What is - or was - cardio exercise? Evidently just a misunderstood principle of a workout.

Could You Drop 100 Pounds in 18 months?

Without eating chemical food diets? Without a lap band or liposuction or a stomach staple? Or maybe by learning a workout designed to increase lung capacity and heart strength? The truth is, that running, jogging or other extended "cardio" exercise does not work the way it used to be promoted as working.

Ideally, you would want to do an exercise program that triggered a melting of fat, to replace the energy you burned during your workout, for up to one day after your exertion. The "after burn".

Is It Possible To Reverse Diabetes?

I do not know if anyone can do this, but it has been done. With an exercise program that trains your body to build muscle, build your heart muscle, and increase your lung capacity, and only take a time slot of about twelve to twenty minutes a workout.

The premise is that you (once warmed up) challenge yourself to a point of "muscle failure", whether you are walking, peddling a recumbent bike, or some other form of exertion, and then rest to a point of recovery by a lesser intensity exertion. You do not stop the workout, but you continue at a lesser intensity, until you are breathing normally. You use a heart rate monitor if you wish.

You could repeat up to eight repetitions of this higher intensity/lesser intensity alternation, or interval training. Every individual would start at whatever level they were capable of, and slowly increase their number of repetitions.

How To Increase The Chances Of Joint Pain

Honestly, I have known people who have faithfully run five miles three or four times a week, only to quit when a knee joint or hip joint gives out and has to be replaced. That is devastating for a jogger or runner. They have steadfastly pushed themselves to do this for years. Now the reward is major knee surgery or hip replacement surgery.

And, that running or jogging "cardio" exercise has done nothing to increase lung capacity or help potential heart disease. It has only increased the impact on their joints, resulting in deterioration.

This information does not mean that anyone who has recommended cardio exercise is bad. But, fortunately, new information about what exercise is best, what exercise melts fat, and also trains the body to burn fat afterwards, is just newer and better information.

You can learn a simple (maybe not easy the first few tries), and fat-melting, muscle building exercise program to increase lung capacity and prevent or help heart disease.

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