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Introduction To The Gym
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Introduction to the gym

Everyone who hasn't ever been to the gym is probably thinking about going to it, and everyone who's been there and had a proper experience of it, is looking for ways to keep going. Most people get really surprised after the first experience of a gym - with how uplifted and vital they feel, like all the bad things went somewhere far away. It is really the truth. With every exhale you dismiss the negative energy and with every inhale you bring in positive energy, and the gym is there to make you more aware of your breath, get familiar with your body through workouts, and eventually shape it as you want.

The whole experience will get a lot more better if you have a personal trainer taking your hand and guiding you through every workout. That way he'll show you how to do exercises the right way for the most effect and you won't get injured due to doing things the wrong way. He'll also define what you really need to be doing at certain stages of body development, and help you with finding adequate nutrition.

Gyms usually aren't expensive, considering how much benefit you get from them, and usually include a monthly subscription for usage of their space and workout equipment. It's best to choose a gym equipped with machines you can work on for all muscle groups. Weight machines and flexion machines, as well as with machines used to improve cardiovascular health and condition, and to help you heat up faster - elliptical machines, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and stair steppers. Additional tools will come handy also, such as dumbbells, kettle bells and other free weights. It is ideal that a gym has separate showers, so you can refresh yourself immediately after working out. You'll feel like flying after that.

You can expect results depending on several factors, but the main formula goes like this;

Good nutrition habits + regular workout schedules + working on every muscle group and running enough on weekly basis = positive results.

Good nutrition habits have to be arranged around your lifestyle. But if you're running a regular lifestyle, by waking up in the morning and going to sleep at evening, you'll enjoy eating main meals before 6 pm and having lots of healthy snack meals in the meantime or afterwards. Healthy snacks doesn't mean chips, more likely certain seeds and nuts, and lots of fruit. Avoiding food full of fat and disintegrible carbs will make you feel better, also.

Regular workout schedules should also be defined around your lifestyle. You should be able to find 2 - 3 hours twice or more times a week. It helps to have a friend or other company for working out, especially when starting out, because you'll get used to going to it together and that will make you go when you won't feel like it, if you'll support each other.

If you want to work on every muscle group, you'll have to know how to use each machine and properly do exercises on it. Personal trainer will help you a lot here. He'll explain everything to you as you'll go, instead of you having to learn about it all before doing it, because doing it wrong might cause injury.

When you develop a habit of going to gym, you'll see why there's so many persons there during the day.

You'll feel better, you'll look better, you'll live better.

Just do it.

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