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Is The P90x Program Ideal For Women?
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Arguably the most popular fitness program in the United States, P90X boasts a complete 90 day transformation to anyone who uses it. And the truth is that it does indeed provide that, but an interesting thing to note is that most reviews, videos, blogs and other sources use men as an example when explaining the program. But what about the other gender? Is the P90X program ideal for women?

If you're a woman whose interested in trying this program, you are bound to see good results considering you go through the entire program. However, in order to do so, you have to complete some seriously difficult tasks. Here is just a small snippet:

1. You must workout for 6 days a week.

2. You have to stick to a strict dieting regime, which changes every 30 days.

3. The length of the entire program is 90 days.

4. It is recommended that you be in at least average shape before trying this program.

5. If you have joint/knee and/or back problems, this program may not be ideal for you due to the fact that there is a lot of squatting involved and many times with weights which will put a lot of pressure on those areas.

6. If you live a busy lifestyle or lack the will power to commit to this program for 90 days, this may not be for you.

There are a lot of women who do this program and see it through to the end. But there are also a lot who don't and end up quitting. If you can look past the above cons and truly commit yourself to this program, then you will see excellent results from this program.

Although results vary based on different women, almost all of them see significant results with this program. Smaller waist, toned body, weight loss, improvement in strength and endurance and an overall better feel of themselves. There's no doubt that both genders get results with the program, but again the commitment issue and the physical demand needed to complete the program are the biggest obstacles.

A lot of people will look at a program like this, see the results other people are getting and think it's easy, even though they know better. It's very easy to fall for this trap, especially if you look at women's P90X before and after pictures.

Consider who you are, if you really can devote time to this program and if you truly can, then by all means do it. If not, you can still get the same results you want with other alternatives. This program isn't the only way to make it happen.

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