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Just Five Minutes In The External Environment Improves Mood And Boosts Our Confidence
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Just five minutes in the external environment improves mood and boosts our confidence

Have you ever thought about why, when talking about life in the province, the first thing we say is that there is no stress? Stress is identified in our consciousness with life in the city. Rightly, experts say.

Contact with the environment is that gives us a good mood and self-esteem, a contact which overlook because of the intense of the urban rhythms. Wrong! Just five minutes outside in the natural environment is enough to be cheerful for the rest of the day, according to a research by University of Essex.

Researchers studied data of 10 different surveys to test their findings, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. All surveys measured the levels of self-esteem and mood of the participants before and after exercise in nature: biking, hiking, gardening, but also fishing and sailing.

Also factored the time everyone passed in the external environment, intensity of activity and type of natural environment (urban park, countryside, mountains, sea etc.). Contact with the outside environment regardless of time and place improved self-esteem and mood of all participants, as shown by the results of the study. To boost your self-esteem prefer moderate-intensity activity for 5 minutes.

At these 5-minutes you can also improve your mood by making a moderate or even strenuous activity. The researchers note that better results are achieved when we are near the water element, a lake, river or sea. Also, although the external environment is beneficial for all age groups, those showing the greatest improvements is the group 30 to 50 years.

But how, explaining the magical 5-minute-The human nature itself provides the answer. Man is made to live close to nature, as has been for thousands of years, not in concrete cages and cities, according to experts. For this reason, even 5 minutes in the sun, the trees and flowers or sea view completely transform us. A short break from work, stress and obligations have spectacular results at our disposal.

Put some 'nature' in your life

Make a meeting while you walk. Suggest to your colleagues and your supervisors to move the meeting a sunny day in the courtyard of the company or to the opposite park combining it with a leisurely stroll. Even the most skeptical will be convinced of the effectiveness of the method, when within 5 minutes the team has relieved the stress and are more relaxed and creative.

Athletic shoes instead of a coffee mug. When you feel tired of the day you fall on, take a break and instead go to the cafeteria or doing a cigarette, wear your sport shoes. A short walk around the company, will do wonders at your job. Remember, 5 minutes is enough. Take a laptop Ask your boss a laptop or take your own and plan a daily trip to work in an area outside the company. If you do not even need internet connection, you can easily go even to the park. If though you need an internet connection, find places in the city with free Wi-Fi, as some public spaces and even cafes, squares and parks.

Become volunteers. National and municipal parks, forests around cities and beaches are in need of care. Join volunteer groups that organize trips for cleaning or planting trees, while keeping you in touch with nature.

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