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Learn How To Take Little Breaks
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Learn How To Take Little Breaks

Are you feeling drained at the end of every work week? Then you and many with you need to learn how to take little breaks for yourself in everyday life so that you can catch up and restore your energy. By learning and implementing some new ways to relax in your everyday life, you avoid running out of that all-important energy.

Get some ideas on how to relax:

The chemistry of the brain

When your muscles are active they release endorphins and that is the body's own happy hormone, this makes you feel upbeat and relaxed. So get moving since this means all different kinds of exercise. Yoga is excellent and so is meditation, not to mention things that make you feel good and are fun to do. Such a thing as aromatherapy can have a huge positive impact on your brains chemistry.

Our all-important breathing

The trick to any kind of relaxation is in the breathing techniques that we use. When we are relaxed, we take deeper breathes so that when we inhale the air reaches all the way down into the bottom of our stomach which means that all our body's cells will receive the benefit of getting more oxygen. Stress makes us breathe in a fast and shallow way. Good thing is that breathing can be affected and mastered by our will, a classic mind over matter is useful here. Different breathing techniques are used in many different relaxation techniques.

Shift of mental focus

If you have a tendency to focus on the things that make you feel stressful, you need to shift it. Concentrate on a deep slow breathing technique to get feelings of warmth in your body and try to fill your senses with your favorite dream images. They can be that you have reached your goals, have won the lottery or are spending time with your loved ones on a paradise island.


Try to relax when you are tense and you will find it to be an impossible task. Many people are constantly tense and they are nit even aware of it. If you learn to know the difference between a tense and a relaxed muscle, you can try to learn how to relax muscle by muscle and get into a very relaxed state. Why not get a massage it helps you relax with the feeling of being pampered at the same time.

We have a tendency to relax more when we do things that we enjoy and like. So go ahead and set aside some time that is just for you every day, do the things that you like to do. Put “you time” into your calendar if you’re busy and stick to it. Do some exercise, meditate, take a long walk with a friend, have a luxurious bath, get out in nature, read a book or do something new that you've longed to try. Taking care of yourself will make you feel better, be happier and have more energy that others will benefit from. First of all doing this will let yourself know that you’re worth enjoying your time and to be looked after and when you think and believe that so will others too.

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