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Looking For Gyms In All The Wrong Places: Do You Really Need A Specialty Gym?
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Looking for Gyms In All the Wrong Places: Do You Really Need A Specialty Gym?

Most people will reluctantly agree that they need to exercise. I know several people who are doing the combo sigh, eye roll at this very moment. I will deal with those people later. For the typical person, there are several very easy options- either workout at home with DVDs and equipment or go to the local gym. Average people will probably be fine in whatever gym that they go to but there are some who may need a different approach. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your local gym or you are not making any progress, you might consider using a more specialized gym to hit your goals. In addition, there are some groups that would benefit from using very specialized gyms including those that are springing up all over the nation.

For women who are unhappy with co-ed gyms, there is the women only options that started with Curves. Opened in 1992, the Curves gyms world now includes thousands of franchises in 85 different countries around the world. The basic premise is simple: it is women only in all franchises to reduce some of the stress and embarrassment that they feel in other gyms. Simpler machines and a thirty minute circuit make the exercise program easier to follow even for beginners. In addition, some of these gyms are staffed with dieticians and others that can help with the nutrition aspect as well.

Now, a new segment of the population is getting some much needed consideration in the gym department. People who may need to go to the gym the most are often the most overwhelmed and feel the least welcomed. Ask an obese person about their last trip to the gym and they will probably talk about issues like stares, snickers and equipment that did not feel strong enough to hold them. They might also reveal that they are not going back because they felt so unwelcome there. Downsize Fitness, a new group of specialty gyms has opened to provide the much needed spot for those people to work out in.

Downsize Fitness first opened in Chicago in 2011 and has since expanded to sites in Dallas as well. Like other specialty gyms, there are restrictions for membership. Specifically, you must be at least fifty pounds or more overweight to become a member of this gym which ensures that obese people are allowed to workout without feeling like they are being unfairly judged or stared at. What do you think? Do you need a specialty gym to workout in?

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