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Making It Simple: The Easiest Fitness Math You Will Ever Need In Your Entire Life
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Making it Simple: The Easiest Fitness Math You Will Ever Need In Your Entire Life

If there are diet and fitness industry goons that keep a lid on their biggest and most fiercely protected secrets, then I might be in trouble here. I am about to blow the lid of a big, deep conspiracy that has kept people falling off the fitness wagon and failing diet after diet after diet. It is the kind of information that is so obvious that it sits right there in front of our face and we just don't see it, mainly because the diet people do not want us to. They dazzle us with their flashy ads and commercials, luring us with their "super easy, super fast weight loss" pills and creams, promising us that we can keep eating fatty, butter cakes but lose weight to the point of being transparent. Lies, all of them.

Even the smartest of smart people can get flummoxed when trying to decide what to eat, how much to exercise and the other fifty two things they need to consider when they are trying to get fitter. Take the dieting approach just as an example. First, you have to figure out how many calories that you need to eat just to stay at your current weight (the weight you are not happy with) and then figure out how many of those calories to either decrease or burn off to get to your goal weight (the one you can at least tolerate). But, if you read more than a single book, article or web site on the topic you will get conflicting information.

One says that a calorie is a calorie so theoretically you could eat your daily allotment in mallow mars and fudge bon-bons and still lose weight. (Sigh, untrue.) Another will say that you should eliminate most carbs from your diet and get the bulk of your calories from protein. Another says that you should not count calories at all but simply eat X amount of protein grams as if that was a magical, calorie free nutrient that will not only give you the body of an angel but clean your home and give you fresh, minty breath to boot.

All calories count- but your body needs certain nutrients more than others. You want to feel junky and sluggish then eat junk food all day. You want to feel like you could take on the world, eat healthy and nutritious food. Now, here is the information that "they" do not want you to have. The only equation you ever need in your life, whether it is fitness, love, business, anything is this: effort in equals results out. Got that?You only get out what you put in, nothing more, nothing less. Write it on your mirror, get rid of your calendars and graphing paper and live your life.

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