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My GSP Rushfit Review - Will This Program Actually Get You In Shape?
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My GSP Rushfit Review  -  Will This Program Actually Get You In Shape?

Without a doubt, workout DVDs have really taken off in recent years. People are drawn to the idea of following a specific program everyday and working out in the privacy of their own homes.

Personally, I've always been hesitant to embrace workout DVDs because I'm usually skeptical about their effectiveness. But after hearing about George St-Pierre's Rushfit program (my favorite UFC fighter), I searched around for a few Rushfit reviews to see what all the hype was about.

I was genuinely impressed with what some of the Rushfit reviews had to say. In particular, many of the reviewers noted how effective this program was for building lean muscle mass and achieving peak physical conditioning. Since I was looking for something to break up my monotonous routine of going to the gym this summer, I figured I'd try Rushfit as my first entry into the "home workout" DVD world.

What follows is a brief Rushfit review for anyone interested in trying out this program. I'll describe how this program works, outline some pros and cons, and provide you with additional resources to help you decide whether this program is right for you.

What's In The Package

  • 6 workout DVDs
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Guide
  • 3 Training Calendars (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

About the Program

Rushfit is described as a world-class fitness and conditioning program for individuals looking to achieve an MMA level of fitness. It is designed by MMA fighter Erik Owings and used by UFC Welter weight champion Georges St-Pierre.

The program's provides you with a nutritional guide and a workout calendar to follow. If you keep up with the program for 8 weeks, it is supposed to help you achieve a ripped body and top athletic performance.

After reading the description, I immediately thought this was a pretty tall order for an $80 workout program. In the rest of this Rushfit review, I'll tell you exactly how well this program holds up to its ambitious fitness claims.

Day 1

Although I was tempted to go all out and launch into the Advanced calendar, I didn't want to get too overwhelmed right off the bat. So on day one, I started with the intermediate program and fired up the "Strength and Endurance" DVD.

It starts with a ten minute warm-up to stretch the muscles and elevate the heart rate a bit. But after the warm-up, things really kick into high gear.

This first DVD works nearly every muscle in your body, from the chest and arms, to the legs and back. And the whole time you are sweating like crazy because cardio is incorporated throughout the whole thing. At the end of the workout, you will be feeling it throughout your whole body, and feel like you have pushed your body to its physical limits - and this is coming from a guy who goes to the gym a few times a week.

Each DVD is broken down into 5 five minute rounds within a one minute break in between. Those of you who follow UFC will notice that this layout lines up with the timing of a typical UFC fight.

My Personal Assessment

I followed the program religiously for the first month. I worked hard every workout and ensured I received proper nutrition everyday. It seemed to pay off very well, because after the first month I had shaved off the layer of fat around my belly and my abs were beginning to show some definition.

Encouraged by these initial results, I stuck with the program right through to the end. I can happily say that after 8 weeks of training with Rushfit, I am in great physical shape and finally have regained that six-pack I had back in college.

I liked how Rushfit is designed to give you a top-notch workout with every DVD. Every day of the week is different, and the variety of moves actually makes the program fun to complete (if you liked MMA inspired training moves).

However, it is not for people looking for a "quick and easy" way to get ripped. You have to work hard every day for about 45 minutes, eat properly, and constantly push yourself physically. If you are willing to make that commitment then you will succeed with this program.

Before you start this program though, it is important to get informed on what you need to succeed.

Minor Drawbacks

As great as this program is, I did find it lacking in a few areas.

In particular, the nutritional guide was very sparse. It basically teaches you the basics of good nutrition, provides a couple of example meals, and that's it. I would've liked to see a far more comprehensive nutritional guide, with supplement recommendations and meal plans.

This would have made the program far more complete, and would have emphasized to people exactly how important nutrition is when embarking on a new training program.


If UFC is your thing and you want to get in serious shape, then Rushfit will likely be a great program for you. It will work you hard for 8 weeks and force you to build lean muscle while shaving off unsightly fat.

And for some people that can't afford a personal trainer ($50+ per hour), this program will give you exactly the right workout regiment to achieve top physical performance. Although $90 may seem like a lot to spend on a DVD set, it is worth it when you consider a how much a monthly gym membership and personal trainer would cost (some Rushfit reviews I came across even show you where to get the program for less).

If you're willing to work hard and give it all you got, Rushfit can certainly help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

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