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P90x Reviews From Women
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P90x Reviews From Women

A subject that is rarely talked about, but on many women's mind are P90X reviews from women. There are few sites that go in-depth on this specific topic and maybe a few forum subjects/posts. As for reviews, there are really 3 categories here: Women who love it, women who hate it and then there are those who have mixed views. The truth is that men can also be classified into these 3 categories, but let's just stick to the topic at hand: women!

Firstly the women who love it. If you look at reviews on Amazon, there are quite a few from women who rate the program exceptionally good. There are good weight loss results, somewhere between 20-30 pounds in 90 days (the length of the program) as well as several inches off the waist. There is also a transformation in the overall look of the body. Muscles are toned and lean and there is a significant difference seen.

Now there is also the other side of the coin. In this case the women who do not like the program. some reviews complain about how much difficulty there is in following the program for 6 days out of the week for 90 days straight, while others say they see little or no results from the program. There are also those who claim the program is very tough on joints and the back and that it can cause serious injury. All of the claims are possible with this program.

Finally there is the mixed views category of women which are those who fall between the top 2 categories. If you're a women looking to try the program, it is recommended to use the top 2 categories for reference.

Even though reviews are mixed on the program, the final conclusion is that the P90X program really does work for women as well as men. There are far too many results to say it isn't so. Although it may not be suitable for those with specific health issues, it is also likely some women do not see the results they wish because they do not follow the instructions of the program correctly.

For instance, there is a HUGE emphasis on the dieting aspect of the program which is actually more important than the workouts. A lot of people, both men and women have trouble sticking to it and this can directly lead to less than satisfactory results.

In order to make a final decision on whether or not to try this program, it is important to read real P90X reviews from women as well as advise from professional trainers on this particular subject. You will likely experience great results with the P90X program, but there are always cons, even to the most popular workout programs. Make sure to view both sides of the argument before deciding.

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