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Physical Exercise And Health Living
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The gym is a place where people go to exercise to improve their physical health.However exercise is a mental and mind healer.I can remember leaving work with a problem that caused a great amount of stress,however once I started to exercise,the memory of the problem quickly disappears.Visiting the gym is also a place to mingle after exercising ,there you meet friends who can help you with your exercise routine.But once you have completed your workout the memory of you problems always come back.

Benefits of Exercise.

Exercise is a problem solver for such illness as,high blood Pressure,back ache,cardiovascular disease,diabetes,arthritis,metabolic rate,and burn calories thus helps in weight reduction.

Normally when you exercise a certain amount of cleansing and rejuvenation takes place .The inhaling and exhaling,the sweating that takes place,are the result of lifting or pushing some object,which is good for the body.

As the body becomes older,the muscles starts to decrease,the skin starts to wrinkle,body shape begin to change and your muscle become weaker.However if you exercise you can control this downhill spirel.I like to compare the body of a young man of twenty, to a new car on gas to a man of sixty years.The youth has agility and firm muscles keeps his body in an upright firm posture,hardly encounters any physical problems.His body burns calories with ease, he is at the peak of enjoying the benefits of being youthfull.You will hardly find a bulging stomach on a person at this stage of developement.The man at sixty is like an old car on gas,that sputters along the way,his body has changes its shape a little bulge here and there,back ache and knee pain are a common occurance.Once you reach this stage,you wonder how wonderful if would be if the gift of youth could be purchase.Youth is a temporary stage of developement and should always be. It is a stage that we hate to lose but have no choice in the matter.However the Bible states exercise profited the body a little when compared to your spirituality.

The benefits of exercising is like a tonic,it gives you a physical lift. It provides a sense of invincibility,the pumped muscles achieved from a high volume of repetition is a joy to the athlete and admired by friends and fans alike. It also keep you healthy,my colleagues who did not exercise where I worked always reported sick,because of one reason or the other.I have enjoyed the keep fit life,it has been a great benefit to how I look and feel.

Street Talk

Your are one hundred percent correct, the older you become, exercise become more important.

  about 1 decade ago

You're right! Exercising has tremendous benefits. Thanks for sharing. Good article on a useful topic.

  about 1 decade ago
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