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Retaining Your Muscle Mass
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When you are on a weight loss program there are certain things you need to concider. You want to retain your muscle mass while losing weight. This is important. When you lose weight you want to lose body fat while still holding on to your muscle. This will help you look more lean and muscular.

If you are cutting way down on your calorie intake there could be trouble. Your body will begin to use it's own muscle tissue to draw it's energy and nutrients from and there goes your muscle mass.

Look at some of those slim fashion models. They look very slim. In fact they look to slim. They have actually more body fat than they should have and vertually no muscle mass.

They are lacking in nutrition becasue of the diet they are on. Together with that they are not exercising. They need to exercise and do some resistance training to keep looking toned. They do not want to buld muscle necessarily but they want to look toned and fit. Again common sense with a combination of diet and exercise.

Ever wonder why a skinny model has cellulite? It's because of the diet they are on. They are actually retaining body fat when they are trying to lose it.

To remedy this situation they would need to start a training program with weights. They need some resistance to get that healthy toned look back they want to look good on the fashion runway.

Doing this would still allow them to look great with less body fat while maintaining enough muscle mass to turn some heads.

Retaining your muscle mass should be a goal in any weight loss program you are using. Just losing weight is not the only goal. You need to establish a good healthy lifestyle and habits that will keep you healthy for many years to come.

By losing body fat and keeping or increasing you muscle mass will also help speed up your metabolism. Muscle in your body is what makes it tick even more than body fat. So the aim is to keep as much muscle mass as possible to burn fat and look healthy.

This is why people when stopping a weight loss program put the old weight back on so quickly. They didn't work on increasing their muscle mass and so the fire to burn body fat goes out in a short period of time.

So remember to start a weight loss program you need to do both. You need a great eating and food guide to help with nutrition and weight loss. Then you must combine that with exercise and weight training to build muscle to create a great look and then keep that healthy body for a long time.

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