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Looking for an activity that will reduce anxiety, burn calories and fit into your busy schedule?? RUNNING—physically challenging or easy jogging, this is an exercise available to most that can be enjoyed any time— anywhere. Ten minutes for a ½ mile or sixty minutes for a marathon training session, it is inexpensive and can be fit into almost any schedule.

Running can be an individual activity that helps you ease back on mental anxieties, a welcome break during stressful times providing a recharge for internal and mental energies. It does not have to be competitive or hard, just a health enhancing activity that allows space for readjusting priorities. It provides an outlet for those without one, while pushing your self to reasonable limits and benefiting from the increased oxygen intake while increasing blood flow. Stress relief, lower blood pressure, less anxiety and a general good feeling, are just a few of the benefits without drugs.

Having run in marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s and many other events on a local and national level over the past forty years, I have truly enjoyed it, and feel it has been a large contributor towards a positive life style. That ability to grab a workout while on a business trip or with an extra half hour to kill is a tremendous benefit to men and women with a busy schedule. All you need is a pair of sneakers and in most cases availability of a shower—depending on your environment and clients.

You can run solo, get a partner or join the many clubs and groups available, getting exercise in a social environment. Many people prefer to run with others because it keeps them interested and involved, remaining true to their schedules. I have been a lone runner for most of my years and enjoy the serenity of a hard workout and cool down, followed by a relaxing shower—just writing these words is calming. The physical and mental well being you receive from it makes it all worth while, sometimes better than sex, and you will find yourself looking towards the next workout. Though you do not need a lot of equipment, the proper shoes are a must. Many people try running and never pay attention to the sneakers they use with disastrous results. They opine that running is not for them and thus walk away from a beautiful opportunity for a lifetime of anxiety free living. Everybody is built differently and their foot should be fitted properly for care free running. It s not hard nor expensive and there are many ways to accomplish proper fit, here is one you can try yourself that will help determine whether you have flat feet, high arches or pronation (the inward or outward leaning of the ankle). Place a paper towel on the floor and put your wet foot on it—if the foot outline is narrow you have a high arch and vice versa. Understanding these characteristics of your feet will help you find the right shoe, because a number of magazines and catalogs will match the running shoes to these features of the foot.

Running benefits, that you will enjoy for a life time, while they expand your business and social world, you will be adapting an anxiety free lifestyle. Running benefits that will help you take charge of your life.

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