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Strength Training At Home - Part 2 - How To Do The Basic Exercises
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In my last article I proposed an easy and very effective workout for strength training at home. With a fifteen minute warm-up and four easy, hardcore and complete exercises you can increase your strength while burning a lot of calories. The problem is that if you have always been a highly sedentary person you may not be able to do the exercises in the workout (or maybe some of them) in the proper way and you may think that it’s too difficult for you, that’s not for you and you may throw in the towel.

I don’t want that this happens to you!!!

That’s why I’m here today explaining some easier versions of the exercises in the last article that can, progressively lead you to the point were you can do the exercises in the workout or even harder ones. Just to remember, here are the exercises of the strength training workout:

Pull-ups (for me the harder ones) Push-ups One Legged Squat (another hardcore exercise) Crunches


The crunch is the easiest and at the same time one of the hardest exercises, it's the easiest because there’s no easiest way to do them (without involving machines) but there're lots of “harder” versions. It’s one of the hardest because it’s too easy to do it the wrong way. Here’s what you have to do: lay down on your back with your legs at nineteen degree from the ground (if you want you can put your feet on a chair). Then put your hand behind your neck ad relax. Now that you are ready, contract your abs muscles until your shoulders lift up form the ground. Very important: DON’T PULL YOUR HEAD WITH YOUR HANDS!! You have only to contract your abs.


The easiest way to do push-ups is to do them is by placing your hand on the wall, put your feet about a meter form the wall and start doing the push-ups. In second place you find the push-ups with your knees resting on the ground. When you can do them properly you can go to the next step that’s the “standard” push-up. If you want harder versions just go to YouTube and type “push-ups”.

One legged squat:

This is hard! It involve a huge quantity of muscles and after you finish you could feel like you need to go to sleep!!! The progressions for this exercise is this:

Prisoner Squat Bulgarian Squat Pistols (one-legged squat)


Here’s the hardest (for me). If you have never done this exercise, trying to do it in the proper way it’s almost impossible. What do I mean with proper way? well, you have to start with totally extended arms and you have to reach the bar with your chest with a controlled movement (without momentum). To gain the strength to be able to do this you have to begin with a version of the pull-up that’s the inverse of the push-up. It’s not so easy to explain but I’ll try:

- find a bar that’s about one meter form the floor; - grab the a bar like if you where going to do a pull-up; - straighten your body with your arms extended, your back should be facing the floor; - do the pull-ups.

The lower the bar, the harder the pull-up. The next step is to do a “standard” pull-up with a little jump at the beginning of each repetition, you reach the bar with your chest and then you go down as slow as you can.

Now that you have all the information you need to to become strong as Superman

Visit my blog if you want to kwon more on how to become stronger. In my blog I discuss every technique to become a better atlete that I find on the internet.

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