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The 3 Best Core Exercises
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The 3 Best Core Exercises

As a personal trainer I tend to get a lot of the same questions over and over again and one very common question is what are the best core exercises for helping to lose stubborn belly fat and get six pack abs.

No matter how many times I hear this question I still enjoy helping clear up peoples misconceptions about this topic.

So before I give you my 3 best core exercises of all time I want to clear up one common misconception first.

Spot Reducing Fat Is Almost Impossible

I am sure you have heard this many times but some people still think they can crunch off that last little bit of stubborn belly fat.

This is simply not going to happen.

That stubborn fat is nothing more than stored energy and it's going to take more than crunches to burn it off.

Here are a few advanced tricks for getting rid of that last little bit of belly fat.

1.) Train In A Fasted State

This means you should not eat for at least four or five hours before training. This way your body is not using food energy for fuel and will start burning fat as an energy source during exercise.

Also, when training in a fasted state this means your insulin levels should be low to non existent and this means HGH, your body's natural fat burning hormone, will be free to do it's job.

Insuling and HGH can not co-exist together, so you either get one or the other, and HGH is your friend when trying to lose weight, not insulin.

Also, if you find that your energy levels are low when training in a fasted state, add about 200mg of caffeine 30-45 minutes before you workout. That should definitley give you the boost you need to give it your all during your training.

Just make sure the caffeine isn't from insulin spiking energy drinks. Either take a caffeine capsule or drink some black coffee.

2.) Sprinting Torches Fat

In my opinion and based on my experience over the last five years, nothing burns stubborn fat like sprinting.

I know it sucks and most people have not done a sprint since high school, but it is simply to effective not to ignore.

Just picture the physique of olympic sprinters like Usuan Bolt and Tyson Gay compared to the physiques of marathon runners.

It's no comparison as to who has the more impress looking bodies.

You can do sprint intervals on a treadmill very easily.

Simply sprint for 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds of active recovery and repeat that cycle for 15-20 minutes. That is a very effective fat burning, hormone releasing, metabolism boosting workout that only takes 20 minutes.

3.) Carb Back-loading

I absolutely love carb back-loading for burning fat and staying lean.

It is super simple.

Little to no carbs for breakfast, lunch and whatever snacks you might eat during the day, then load up on carbs at dinner and throughout the evening.

This keeps your insulin levels very low throughout the day, lets HGH do it's thing, and lets you have a big filling meal for dinner.

I highly recommend doing some additional research and checking out the benefits of carbback loading. It really is quite effective.

Enough fat burning advice, lets get into what you really came here for, the 3 best core exercises accordingly to yours truly.

I am going to list them, give a short description, but I highly suggest hitting up YouTube for a more detailed description of each exercise.

1.) Renegade Rows

This looks and sounds like a back exercise, but it engages your core to large degree.

I suggest using light weight and high reps to start and gradually working up to heavier weight and lower reps.

Start with 20-24 reps at a light weight and gradually work to 8-12 reps with a heavy weight.

2.)Hanging Knee/Leg Raises

This is my absolute favorite exercise for targeting the lower abs, but it really hits your entire core as well.

Start with doing hanging knee raises and work your up to hanging leg raises.

I prefer to do these on a pull-up bar, but you can use hanging arm straps as well.

Once you get really good at these, add a light dumbbell between your feet to really challenge your core.

3.)Dynamic Planks

Most people know what a plank is, but I find them very boring and a bit easy if your just doing a static plank.

So to make them more difficult and little funner you just need to add in a dynamic element.

What makes a plank dynamic is incorporating movement from the extremeties.

Some examples of this are adding in alternating punches, alternating leg lifts, bringing your opposite knee to your opposite elbow, or alternating rapidly from plank to push-up position.

You can also march forward and backward while in plank position or from side to side as well.

Those are my all-time favorite core exercises and if your not using these in your current training program, I suggest finding room for them.

They are tough, challenging, and might leave you a little bit sore, but I guarantee you will like the way your abs look after doing these for a few months.

I sure know I do.

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