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The Big Change In Fitness We Haven't Noticed!
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The Big Change In Fitness We Haven\'t Noticed!

You have probably noticed the trend in late night info-mercials promoting home workout routines on DVD like P90 X, 10 minute trainer, GSP has a DVD out, as well as Tap Out, Insanity, etc... But what are they really promoting? Do they really work? Will your results be the same as the models on TV?

Lets start with the last question:. Will your results be the same as the models on TV? Now if you don't already know the answer, I suggest you give your head a shake and don't be so niaeve. Washboard abs, really vascular arms, and really ripped and defined muscles come from one of 3 things:

- God given genetics; this tends to favor non white people.

- Diet; very strict diet, and sometimes dehydration and diarettics.

- Using illegal drugs like Clenbuterrol, Growth Hormone, Winstrol or other substances that are carcinogenic and cause your balls or ovaries to rot or shrink. (This means Juicing/Steroid use.)

Now, I have better stamina, strength, flexibility, endurance, and explosiveness than almost all those people you see in those videos. I don't look like them, all washboard and ripped. I look fit - I look muscular - I appear mesomorphic and proportioned - but not washboard. I know the reason I don't have washboard abs;


I used to be a competitive Judoka (compete in Judo) and Kick-Boxer and I am very familiar with making weight to fight. I have been washboard a few times in my life and I can say one thing for certain:. What good is being washboard and hot if your such a grumpy asshole no one can stand to be around you?

I love a few things in life that to me, are the simple pleasures that make this life worth living. I love Harvey's Burgers, Whoppers from Burger King, Tim Hortons large double double, and Quiznos broccoli cheddar soup. When I am deprived of my junk, I am no fun to be around. (Even my doggie can't stand me.)

Bottom line, you can build all the muscle, get your cardio and stamina up. Build your endurance, increase your flexibility, and tone up and lose weight. But, you will have a layer of chubb on you if you do not diet/torture yourself. Unless God bestowed great genes upon you, in which case I hate you.

If you are juicing (using Steroids or other banned enhancing substances) then you will be in hell before I- Send me a post card. Using Steroids is never a good idea, and anyone who spends time working out seriuosly knows when you are juicing. It's a poser move and is a topic I will get more in depth with at a later time.

Now to answer if these programs work? All these programs do work and work well. Most of these home workout programs focus on plyometrics, calesthenics, yoga, and what they think passes for Martial Arts. They train and focus primarily on explosive, fast twitch muscle fiber exercise. Now there are 2 types of muscle you build when you workout. Generally speaking, weight lifting (with the exception of power lifting) focuses on slow twitch muscle fiber. Body Builders, and fitness models focus primarily on these type of movements to build cosmetic muscle. The strength is not really that functional, and movements should be done slow and strict. Examples of movements that build slow twitch would be slow bicep curl, flys, cable rows, and shoulder latterals, etc...

Fast twitch is just like it sounds, fast. Doing explosive movement trains the muscle aerobically, and anaerobically. Muscles eat up oxygen and cause lactic acid build up due to carbs being burnt for fuel. These type of movements are very good at giving you a resistance and cardio workout in one workout (provided you do not break much or not at all, and keep going through routienes continually or in a circuit). Examples of fast twitch movements would be jumping lunges, plyometric push ups, plyometric pull ups, muscle ups, clean and jerk, etc...

This type of training is a very old concept revisited. Boxers, wrestlers, even Roman Gladiators and Hindu Wrestlers trained in these type of movements. Mace Bell and Kettle Bell can trace their origins to the Middle East, India, or Eastern Europe. This is fast twitch muscle fiber training as well. This type of fast twitch type of muscle training is starting to regain popularity due to MMA and Cross Fit training.

So, yes they work - they work well - and are relatively inexpensive.

So now to address the question of what they are really promoting. What they are really promoting are themselves, followed by body weight workout, some resistance band, and some dumb bell work focusing on fast twitch training. Now if you take the time to go through the package of your P90 X, or Insanity, etc... You will find a meal plan inside. If you want to look like those models on TV or on the box, you must have the mental resolve to torture yourself with the diet/meal plan. These programs work fairly well when you combine the exercise and intensity, coupled with diet. There are very good at shredding chubb, and building a decent amount of lean muscle.

However, there are 2 very big catches to these products:

1) You must have enough physical ability to attempt the moves depicted in the DVDs.

2). You must have the knowledge of how to perform the movements safely without injuring yourself.

If you do not have the knowledge to perform the movements, or have someone qualified to watch you perform the exercises correctly, you run the risk of injury. So, unless posess the physical ability to do the moves, and have the knowledge or experience to perform the exercise, you may have purchased a product that will not do you much good.

So before you purchase any of the said videos or anything like them, consider the said above. If you are horribly out of shape, and morbidly obese, then you NEED a good personal trainer. You need a patient one, preferrably a person who has experience in geriatric exercise. Those skills transfer over very well to extreme cases of obesity and limited mobility. Other wise, consult a personal trainer who can get you started on the right track.

Andrew Hoard

Street Talk

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