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Tips On Working Out At Home
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Working out at home can seem like an easy solution to some, but to others it can be rather challenging. Finding the time, space and motivation to workout at home is a struggle, especially when there can be so many distractions. From the comfortable couch, to the dirty dishes to the kids wanting your attention, getting a good workout in while at home takes a bit of self motivation and planning. Here are some tips to those who are looking for the convenience of working out from home but want to avoid the pitfalls.

Keep a Schedule

It is far to easy to be pulled into other directions when it comes to being home. You may start out with the best of intentions but then the phone rings, the dog needs to go out, there is cleaning that needs to be done, and then by the time you realize it hours have gone by and you still haven't begun your workout. If you set aside time each day to workout this will help you in avoiding distractions. Make this your time, don't answer the phone and don't let your mind wander to other things that need your attention around the house. By setting aside a set time you will be more apt to following through with you workout.

Clear a Space

Be sure that your workout space is clear and free from items that you can trip on or that may get into your way. You should have enough room to take large steps in either direction. Be sure to clear couches, tables, lamps and other household items out of your way so that you are not bumping into them. Another thing to think about is not setting up your workout space under a ceiling fan. If you will be doing aerobic exercises like jumping jacks or burpees, having enough room up above is very important.

Get Outside

Changing up your routine and taking your workout outside is a great idea if weather permits. Of course you can jog or run to get a good cardio workout in, but you can also do many strength training routines as well. Get a leg workout in my lunging from your mailbox to your neighbors, then switch it up and do side lunges back to your mailbox. Pushups are a great upper body workout and can be done on your lawn or at your local park. Sit ups can be done in the grass as well and you can do them before or after you run or jog.

Working out at home is a wonderful way to blast calories and saves time as opposed to driving to and from the gym. With a little planning and preparation you can get a great sweat on and avoid all the distractions of being at home. As with any workout be sure that you stay well hydrated and have good shoes on for support. Remember that what you eat is 80% of the battle while the actual sweat and workout is only 20%. Be sure to feed your body right and be mindful of your nutrition.

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Thanks for the great tips Brenna....Now if I could find the time?

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