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Top 7 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise
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Exercise is an energy producing activity, and who doesn’t want more energy? Regular physical activity provides so many health benefits that it deserves special attention. There are 7 areas in which exercise can strengthen and revitalize the body, and they are:

1. Exercise improves your mood by stimulating brain chemicals and hormones which produce feelings of happiness and being relaxed. Looking and feeling better by being in shape also helps heighten your confidence and self-esteem. Even depression may be warded off through regular exercise.

2. Exercise helps to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and many more. Blood flows through the body smoother and more efficiently by lowering the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Certain types of cancer have also been shown to be reduced through regular exercise programs.

3. Exercise goes hand in hand with diet to help manage a healthy weight. If that includes weight loss, then exercise can help to shed those excess, unwanted pounds. Exercise doesn’t require big time slots; a person can choose stairs instead of the elevator. Take a brisk walk to walk the dog, or bike to work if possible.

4. Exercise boosts energy levels, as it delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. Regular physical activity can boost the entire cardiovascular system and make it work more efficiently. When the heart and lungs are in optimum shape, so is the entire body!

5. Exercise promotes better sleep. A good night’s sleep improves productivity, concentration and focus. Having a regular exercise routine can help in falling asleep faster and deeper. However, it’s best not to exercise too close to bedtime, because the body becomes too energized and it could make it harder to fall asleep. It’s better to exercise earlier in the day.

6. Exercise can improve one’s sex life. A person looks and feels better about themselves, and the entire body benefits. There are less sexual dysfunctions present in those who exercise regularly, and a more healthy sex life is enjoyed.

7. Exercise can be fun! Yes, believe it or not, exercise is not always drudgery or hard work. Exercise can take on many fun forms, such as taking a dance class, using a climbing wall, going hiking, or playing football with friends or family. Choose an activity that is enjoyable, and go for it. As long as the body is moving, it is counted as exercise. The fun of exercising has been increased by the ever popular home exercise machines that are available to be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home. Home gyms are easier for some people to use than having to get a babysitter and going out to attend a gym. It is also a lot cheaper in the long run. All in all, there is no longer an excuse for people not to exercise. Just get started, get in shape, and have fun doing it.

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