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Training Methods For Runners
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Training Methods For Runners

These training methods for runners are primarily aimed at the more experienced runner whom are able to run for 45 minutes at least 2-3 times a week, or that can do the mile (10km) around an hour or better. If you are a beginner the first thing you should focus on is to get used to the load of your body when running. It can be a burden to both the tendons and joints more than you think so it's important to be careful so that you don’t injure yourself.

There is no reason for a beginner to run full on for long distances in the beginning. It is a sufficient enough to start off with a jog and you will make progress bit by bit. Otherwise you risk taking on too much too soon, which means that it takes longer for you to recover and you may have to wait several days before you can run again. It also has a greater effect on you if you jog slowly for 30min than if you run like a maniac and only last for 10min.

Long distance

A long distance run is when you run for a longer distance than what a normal jogging session is. The purpose of long-distance training is to bring the body into long-term work. That means you have a low tempo and that your intensity level should not be higher than that you have the energy to talk. A long running session can take anything from 45 minutes (beginners) to 2.5 hours for elite runners who are investing in the marathon. To be running for longer than 3h is hard on the body and not even the best marathon runners tend to be out running for that long. Such a tough session takes a long time to recover from.

With a long distance running session you’ll improve all your muscle's ability to efficiently use oxygen. You’ll increase your body’s ability to use fat as fuel. By becoming better at using fat as an energy source means that you save on the glycogen (carbohydrates stored in the muscles) and thus have the energy to run much longer. It also strengthens bones, joints and tendons.


Talking Tempo for 45min - 3h


Adjust body for long term exercise

What gets exercised:

It increases the muscles ability to absorb oxygen. It strengthens the bones, joints and tendons for long term sessions.

Short Distance

This is a shorter distance run you might run for 15 – 45 minutes at a quicker pace than you did when running a long distance run. You’ll be practicing different running speeds and how to keep your endurance when running faster.

How to:

Speed Threshold 20-50min.


To be able to run with a higher heart rate without incurring lactic acid.

What is trained:

To raise the lactic threshold.


Interval training is a very effective form of exercise where the intensity is more important than the number of kilometers. The benefit of interval training is that you get the energy to have a higher heart rate due to a short rest, unlike long distance sessions. It means that the heart is challenged, it’s therefore excellent for exercising your heart. You can run different types of interval training. What kind of interval training that fits you depends primarily on what your ambitions are and what exercise habit you have. In general, if you want to improve yourself at shorter distances, you need shorter intervals to get the speed up than if you bet on the marathon.

When running interval training, you should strive to keep the same pace in all intervals. Note that intervals are a hard form of exercise and it takes some time to recover. You usually do not run more than three interval workouts a week because they are hard on the body.

Intervals can be long or short. They can also be performed running up a hill.


Repetitive surges and short rests in between.


Get used to your body when running at a higher speed and with little effort.

What is exercised:

Your entire body but above all, your heart.

Long intervals

Length: 2-8min

Quantity: 3-8 repetitions.

Rest: 1-3min (stand, walk or jog)

Total workout: 15-40min.

Example: 10x2min with 1min rest. 6x3min with 2min rest.

Short intervals

Duration: 20-60s.

Number: 10-30 repetitions.

Rest: 20-60s (standing, walking or jog)

Total working period: 8-25min.

Example: 30:30 (30 seconds fast with 30sec rest.) 40:20 (40sec fast with 20sec rest) 20:20 (20sec fast with 20sec rest)

Advantage: You do not have time to bring down the heart rate during a short rest, which means that you get a high heart rate throughout the workout. The short interval makes your heart maintain a much higher speed than you otherwise would be able to.

Running up that hill.

Hill running is a hard form of exercise which is the first type of interval you should try. We need to have a good base endurance before embarking on it. A drawback of reverse intervals is that it often becomes something of a long rest when you have to go back down. It is best if you have a very long hill that you can divide into shorter intervals. Hill running can be a great way to end a short distance run in order to get up extra pulse and above all get some strength training for your legs.

Duration: 15sec - 2min

Rest: Walking or jog downhill

Quantity: 2-20 repetitions.

Benefit: Short slope gives you explosiveness not to mention a very firm booty.

I used to hate running. That was before I mastered it, now I love it because it is so versitile and gives me so many different training options and i benefit from all of them. Running has become a mood thing to me, it depends on what i feel like, long distance or maybe a short one with a hill run at the end. Most importantly it makes me feel good.

Street Talk

This is a GREAT article and read that explains all the fundamentals easily and simply. The endorphins, encephalins, and runner's high makes it all worth it.

  about 9 years ago

Thank you. It sure does make it all worth it :).

  about 9 years ago

Great writing Anna! I am sharing this on Facebook, we have a Flavon Family Run page! People will love reading this! :)

  about 9 years ago

Brilliant Piroska, thank you so much. I had a fantastic run this morning it's kind of still lingering on :). Flavon Family Run page sounds like alot of fun.

  about 9 years ago

Some great methods here!

  about 9 years ago

Cheers. I love the option it gives :).

  about 9 years ago
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