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Treadmill - Good Exercise Or Not
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Treadmill  -  Good Exercise Or Not

Running on a treadmill is it a good exercise or not? I think it is. Now this is not my preferred running but I have found that it can be beneficial, especially if you're a beginner. Remember being a beginner the biggest dilemma is to just actually get out there.

By running on a treadmill there will be other people around and it may and many times does get you motivated. You can make some friends while at the gym and being around other people who are there to work out may give you the boost you need to make your workouts beneficial.

On those days where you may not want to go to the gym just knowing that you'll get to see some of the friends you made at the gym make give you the extra push you need to get out there. We all go through those days and whatever it takes to keep you on your routine is a good thing.

Another good thing about going to a gym is that you may meet some people who know a bit more about nutrition, work out routines, and types of apparel to wear. Also running on a treadmill is actually forgiving on your joints. The treadmill typically has some bounce to it and the pounding your joints take from running can be very hard on them. But because the treadmill has a bit of a bounce to it it won't be so hard on them.

Now one of the biggest disadvantages about running on a treadmill can be that it can be boring. This is one of the reasons I don't like it. I find running in the same spot and not seeing new scenery can and does make it hard to stay motivated. You can change up the routine on the treadmill but eventually it will get boring. At least it does for me. I've tried to watch some of the tv's they typically have inside of the gym to take my mind off of it but doesn't work very well for me.

Now one of the greatest advantages of running on a treadmill is adverse weather conditions. Inside of the gym the weather is always the same. The temperature is consistent, the humidity is consistent (if you live in an area that has high humidity this is quite nice), and there is always a nice shower to cool you down as soon as you are done with your run.

Now like I said before it is not my preferred method. I enjoy the change of scenery when I run. I find that boredom is not a problem when running outside. Yes the heat where I live can be quite unbearable at times but I like the idea of my body getting use to the outside weather so when I run in a race I know what it feels like and know how my body reacts to it.

So running on a treadmill has it's advantages and disadvantages to it but if running on one is your only option than I think it is a good thing. Remember the hardest thing to do with running is actually just getting started and if running on a treadmill will get you started than that is what you need to do.

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Thanks for this article!! I like running on a treadmill right now cause it is my best choice.. however I will be back on the outside track soon!!!

  about 4 years ago

I am not a runner and never will be. My body has never dealt with it well, but I have used a treadmill for power walking many times. I am one who needs a TV in front of it. :)

  about 7 years ago
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