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Hello there again. This is Glen, Carolann's bodybuilding and exercise husband. In this article I will give you some simple suggestions and pointers on weightlifting for the advance bodybuilder. I know that you have been body building for a while now and are exercising about 3-4 times a week. Your muscles are getting bigger and you have decided to go for the biggest gain you can get.

The best way to train is to try and workout without supplements. And, you already know that drugs are a no no. This course of action is the safest way to train.

Most bodybuilders will use various supplements to get bigger results than following the natural route. The most popular is by using creation and nitric oxide. Most supermarkets and stores sell them. They are not addictive if you decide not to use them any more due to the price, change in life style or whatever the reason.

Some bodybuilders want to bypass the natural way of training, and get as big as possible quickly. They will start looking into rapid weight gain supplements stacked with steroids, fat reducing pills or both. Now, most of these drugs are synthetic or a copy of the real thing. That makes them legal by the FDA standards.

They still make injectable steroids or growth hormones and they are legal to buy. They are very expensive and I don't recommend doing this. It is just a bad way to build muscles. Even though they are legal, they are still addictive. They will increase muscle size, lose excess body fat and speed up the metabolism. In the end, as long as you keep taking them you will gain the biggest body you can get.

The next problem is, most of the these drugs are cycled. This means you take them about two weeks and then you don't use them for two weeks. The problem with this is many bodybuilders will not cycle the drugs, and they tend to build up in the body. There will become a drug build up or toxic effect in the body causing many problems that you will not want to deal with.

The next problem is, if you can't afford supplements, anymore and you quit taking them, your body will start to shut down. Once the drug is gone the body will turn on itself, and use up the muscle cells it created. Your body will return to its original form.

Because of all the problems with withdrawal symptoms, the natural way is far greater even though it is slower in muscle gains. You get to keep what you have gained as long you keep exercising. It is also much healthier for you.

It is also a good idea to run or walk on your days off from bodybuilding, or shorten up your routine to fit this in. This will give your internal organs a work out also, by helping to keep them to stay in shape. You will have little if no joint pain or injury. This will become very clear or much appreciated as you age. How many people have you heard of lately that needed knee replacements or have a bad back and what about all those broken hips? Do yourself a favor and exercise in addition to your bodybuilding.

This will keep the heart strong by speeding it up during exercise, and help keep plaque, and cholesterol levels in a more normal range. The b lood pressure will also stay at a good range.

Your bodily resistance to fight off infection and diseases, will improve. Don,t be in a rush to get that perfect body like you see on tv and in magazines, you will get there and have good health to go along with it.

Always set a goal for yourself from week to week to do the best you can, the safest way you can. This will make it easier to help you realize your end result, that great looking body.

Best of luck to you in your weight lifting endeavors and exercise goals

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