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Weight Loss From Walking! Tips And Facts
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Weight Loss From Walking! Tips And Facts

To help ourselves in achieving our required objective from walking for weight-loss, I have put together some Facts & Tips that have aided me immensely to maintain weight-loss through my walking.

Tip: Try smaller portion sizes!

Ladies and Gents “I LOVE MY FOOD” So these next few lines are not flowing off the tongue like they should…??? I did it; it worked for me! Like I said, I love my food, & my Lady does like to feed me up. Most of the time far more than necessary! I have a massive aversion to leaving good food on my plate; as my lady is a great cook!


It takes your brain 20 minutes, to tell you stomach that it's full. You know that “phew” I am nearly full feeling. That's the time to stop? I don't think so; I still have half a plate of food left here; Sorry?

Tip! Use smaller dinner plates.

It is possible and much easier with smaller portions. It took me a while to discipline myself but it gets easier! {Honest} Don't even go there; I know how hard it is to stop eating in the middle of a great meal, when your belly is telling you you’re full; and you mouth is saying feed me some more


It’s the food that we eat; {that we don’t need} which causes us to gain some weight. As in; our body stores the excess food that we really could do without. As we never get to burn off this stored food, our bodies are maintaining the calories that this excess food has produced for us to use as energy later on.

But most of us NEVER use this much energy! So, it stays stored inside our body. We then repeat this same action the next day and the next day and so on, storing up more and more energy that we don’t use; and we NEVER burn it off, the results are inevitable…!!!


Replace at least three cups of coffee a day with Fruit Flavored or Herbal Tea. I know; "Gross" that's exactly what I thought when I started to do drink them. But; after taking a good look around our shopping mall I found some flavored tea's and drink alternatives that are quite acceptable.


Coffee' is a diuretic. I have 2 sugars in my coffee, and I used to drink between 6 - 8 mugs per day. That equals 16 spoons of sugar per day, not counting the sugar that's in all the other stuff that I am consuming?

Try this little experiment!

Put 16 spoons of sugar into a Coffee Mug...!!! O M G! Now times that by 7 days; that equals 112 spoons of pure sugar per week, or in scientific terms 112 Spoonfuls of empty calories. "WOW" Incredible don't you think!

If you are anything like me, first thing when I get up; a proper CUP/MUG of REAL COFFEE… is a must! I have got to have it. No two ways about it coffee at its best... with 2 sugars thank you! No substitute, no fruit tea, no nothing. “You’re with me on this, I can tell”


The rest of the day I can put up with fruit tea. And yes I must confess right now I have a half a spoon of sugar in my fruit tea. But I also discovered that you can replace sugar with a spoon of Honey?

The healing properties in Honey are amazing to say the least; Google it… and discover the facts for yourself.

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