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What Are The Best Ab Workouts Men Can Do?
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What Are the Best Ab Workouts Men Can Do?

Everyone wants to know the best ab workouts men and women can do.

Men want the six pack abs. Women want a slim, flat belly.

Luckily the same plan will achieve both results.

The best ab workouts men can do are the same exercises women will do. First, it is useful to understand how the abs stabilize the core in other, non-ab specific workouts. This is the secret to abdominal training.

Core stabilization is key

Horizontal planking. The abs must contract to hold the body straight when in a horizontal position like the push up. This is why the push up is such a great exercise. You hit the chest, shoulders, triceps and core all at once. Other great horizontal hold moves are:

  • Renegade Rows. This is where you assume the push up position with dumbbells or kettle bells in each hand. Now lift the right hand off the ground pulling the weight to your side. The core has to engage as an anti-rotation stabilizer. The left side of the abs work hard when the right hand is off the ground and vice versa. This is one of the best ab workouts men or women can do. Just vary the load. Both men and women will have to start with a light weight.
  • Simple Mountain Climbers will work the abs as you hold the plank position while alternating leg pumps.
  • The T Push Up is a great variation on the regular push up. Perform a push up and then rotate up onto one hand while pointing the opposite hand straight up to form a T shape. Rotate back down, push up and rotate the other way. This is a horizontal plank plus a rotational move for the external obliques.
  • Crawling will work the abs as well. Keep the hips low so the back is parallel to the ground. This works the shoulders, triceps, glutes , quads and core all at once.

Don't forget the vertical plane

Vertical Stabilization. The abs and low back muscles work together to hold the body upright when standing, walking or doing anything on your feet. When you add weight to the formula and/or change the center of gravity, the stress increases and the abs work harder. So some of the best ab workouts men can do are:

  • Squatting. Even bodyweight squats will engage the core to hold the upper body from bending forward during the squat. Add weight and the work gets harder.
  • Dead lifting. The core works hard moving a weight off the ground. Straight leg dead lifts and standard dead lifts are great core builders.
  • Pressing overhead. Military pressing really stresses the abs as the center of gravity moves up and down with the weight. Try single arm dumbbell presses to add counter rotational stabilization. This works really well.
  • Single arm carries are another counter rotational exercise that really works the core hard along with grip, forearm and upper back strength. Single arm moves are some of the best ab workouts men and women are not doing.
  • Dynamic moves like power cleans, snatches and kettle bell swings are also great core stabilizers and ab builders.

Burn the fat, uncover the abs

The best ab workouts men and women can do are not stomach specific exercises. Ab work like sit ups and crunches are a waste of time. Perform complex exercises in both the horizontal and vertical plane to achieve constant core stabilization work. The huge fat burning potential of these exercises is an obvious side benefit. After all, neither the six pack nor the flat lower belly will appear without an overall reduction in body fat. And that comes from hard work in the kitchen and as well as the fitness floor.

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