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What Is The Best Exercise For Love Handles?
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What is the Best Exercise for Love Handles?

Belly fat and love handles are by far the most difficult areas when you are trying to lose weight. So what is the best exercise for love handles? Most videos and articles will give you a list of core workouts that are supposedly going to burn the fat right off. This can be very misleading because the key to burning belly fat is not going to be from core workouts. Core workouts should definitely be implemented into your routine, however, the key to burning love handles is all in your metabolism! That means that you will have to raise you metabolic rate in order to get the best results when getting rid of love handles and belly fat.

The best way to raise your body's metabolism is to engage in a high intensity full body workout! The key here, is that the fat in your body is a source of fuel. The higher your metabolism, the more fuel your body will use. This can not be done by doing low intensity core work outs alone. Working out your core will simply strengthen the muscle underneath the fat, rather than burning the fat itself.

Why high intensity workouts?

The reason that high intensity workouts like Insanity and P90X are so effective is because when you push your body to the absolute limit, your metabolic rate will rise, and it will actually stay active long after you stop working out. Assuming you work out in the morning, that means your body will be burning calories while your at work, at home, reading a book, and even when you are sleeping!

Low intensity workouts will raise your metabolic rate, however, it will quickly return to normal once you stop working out.

This is also the reason that it is never a good idea to starve yourself when you are trying to lose weight. Starving yourself will actually cause your body to go into "survival mode" and your metabolism will slow down. It will start to cling on, and conserve that precious fuel (fat) in order to survive. This is the reason that many people will lose a few pounds and then gain it all back plus more when they stop dieting.

So what is the best exercise for love handles? There isn't one! The best approach is to begin a program that requires full body movements at a high intensity such as Insanity, Turbo Fire, P90X or other similar programs. Make sure you eat healthy and often. Never starve yourself! That will only result in short term results.

Starting a program can be a huge lifestyle change so make sure you know what to expect when starting Insanity, or other programs that are similar. :)

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