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Which Is The Best Combination Of Exercises For Those At Risk Of Diabetes And Cardiovascular Diseases?
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Which is the best combination of exercises for those at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases?

My dear friends if you belong to the category of overweight fellow citizens and try to lose excess weight I am sure you will have read numerous articles and possibly you have tried some diets sell either online or offline. Even worse, you may have spend a decent amount of money on a weight loss surgery.

Although there is enough knowledge on how to tackle the extra pounds, scientists never cease to explore new ways to address this contemporary problem. A new study therefore shows that the best combination of exercises to lose weight in people at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is that of aerobic exercise and exercise with weights.

After 8 months of research, those who did the combined program had lost about 1.8 pounds and 2.5 inches from the waistline.

Also, all those factors that threaten good health such as triglycerides and cholesterol were reduced to satisfactory levels.

There are several aerobic exercises as well as several exercises with weights. What is the proper combination and at what intensity should you make these exercises is your doctor’s job.

10 best aerobic exercises I'll give you ten of the best aerobic exercises you can follow in combination with weights. 1. Jogging 2. XC - Cross-country ski 3. Bicycle 4. elliptical machine 5. Swimming 6. Step aerobic 7. Rowing 8. Climbing 9. Walking 10. Handball

10 best weight exercises 1. Rowing-three-point dumbbell 2. Pressures in breast stability ball 3. Bench pressures with one hand 4. Abdominal pressure with a dumbbell 5. Shoulder pressure with a dumbbell 6. Rowing with a dumbbell 7. Swings with a dumbbell 8. Dumbbell pressure with a jump 9. Breast openings 10. Projections

There are of course many other exercises both aerobic and weight training. We made a small selection to give you an idea. However remember that the last word belongs to your doctor regarding the combination of the exercises and the intensity they must have. My dear friends if you follow any kind of program or diet you need to know that even if you lose a few pounds is a matter of time to regain them. Weight loss is a lifestyle and not simply the result of a diet of many that exist.

Finally, as you followed a lifestyle which made you to get extra pounds, you just have to start a new lifestyle that will lead you to weight loss permanently so that you have a more normal and healthy life.

Stop spending your money around to lose weight. The only secret is to just live a healthy way of life because health is our thesaurus and if we it we lose everything.

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