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Which Workouts Tone Abs The Best?
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Which Workouts Tone Abs The Best?

When a someone is serious about losing weight, the individual may explore many different methods to reach their desired goal. Some people will try many different types of exercise routines while others will try every new diet that comes out on the market. What works the best to get flat toned abs though? One factor that is important, despite the method you use, is that you will need great motivation and consistency in your chosen approach. For those that want to learn which workouts tone abs in the most effective way should read on.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are great for the abs because they target the lower abdominal muscles. A person could look much slimmer with less effort by performing several sets a few times per week. As for technique, it is better to use a bench if possible. If one is not available, then lying down on the floor would work just fine. The hands should be placed under the glutes, then raise your legs while keeping them straight until they are perpendicular to the floor. This will constitute one rep. Try to work up to performing 10-15 reps in one set.

Fat Burning

Many people already have toned abs because the abdominal muscles are used to support the core. he real issue is that most people also have a layer of fat covering them up. The trick is to lose the excess fat to reveal the muscles underneath. The best way to do this is to begin high intensity cardio training. This should only be done a few times a week when first starting out. Some people may be tempted to over train. Especially when first starting out. It is important to allow yourself proper recovery time, and to let your body repair itself. You will find that if you are new to fitness training, it will probably be a shock to the system at first. Take it easy to start with. Obviously, diet is very important if you want to lose weight and get ripped. You must get used to eating very clean, non processed foods. Even better, a raw food or vegetarian diet would work wonders for a people that are slightly overweight. We all know what food is good, and what food is bad for us. Knowing, however, is not enough. You will need to take consistent daily action to see results. You need to think of this more as a lifestyle,rather than a hobby.

Train The Core

The abs are a series of muscles that work together to support the human body. One cannot expect success when only training one part. Working on your core strength will be of greaat benifit and will help tone your abs very well. The lower, upper and mid portion of the abs need to be stressed trained equally, and there are certain exercises that help with this. I have listed a few examples below;

Variations of the plank

press ups

leg raises


I strongly recommend you consult a professional fitness trainer who can provide advice and supervision with regards to training your core, or any fitness training for that matter.

Static Holds

Static holds are a type of exercise called isometrics. They are frequently used by, martial artists, gymnasts and other serious hobbyists in pursuit of higher fitness levels. One does not have to perform the full range of motion like the pros to get the benefit out of this type of work out. It is primarily used to build up tendon strength at a certain angle. Enthusiasts can flatten their abs by using techniques that position their bodies like planks. Beginners should start off trying to hold the position for about 45 seconds and then work their way up from there.

Weight loss and toned muscles are trendy topics these days and for good reason. People want to be healthier, fitter or more attractive. The abdominal muscles can be trained with the techniques mentioned above. By following this advice, determined enthusiasts will be able to develop their physiques, and achieve the body they desire.

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