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Why I Wear Tennis Shoes
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When I was in college, I probably should have considered wearing heels. I could have dressed up in nice clothes and added a pair of high heels to my ensemble. The shoes definitely would have helped me in the height department, since I am a petite. However, rather than dressing up and trekking across campus in heels, I usually wore a T-shirt and jeans. I wore tennis shoes on my feet. While tennis shoes are not the most attractive form of footwear, they worked well for campus life.

One reason why tennis shoes were great when I was a student was because I walked everywhere. I walked to my classes, to the dining hall, and then to the dorm at the end of the day. If I had been wearing high heels, my feet would have hurt. Pain would have made it difficult to concentrate on my studies. Personal comfort is not the only reason why I wore tennis shoes, however.

Another reason why I wore tennis shoes is because if I had been wearing high-heeled shoes, I could have turned my ankle, fallen, and gotten hurt. An injury would have made me late for class. I did not want to be late for class, because I might miss important information that would be on the next test. By wearing comfortable shoes, I could avoid getting hurt, be on time for class, and have a chance to succeed. There is also a third reason why I wore tennis shoes while I was in college: I wanted to watch my weight.

Like many other students, I could have taken the elevator to get to classes on the third or fourth floors. Instead, however, I took the stairs. It was a long, exhausting walk, but it did help me to keep my weight under control. I would not have been able to take the stairs if I had been wearing high heels, because the heels would have slipped on the steps. I would have then gotten hurt. Many students would likely have seen me fall, and I would have been embarrassed.

I have since graduated from college. Though I love the look of heels, I still prefer tennis shoes. Today, my shoes of choice are New Balance shoes. They are perfect for running, which I do almost every day. They also offer comfort so that I can feel good. By feeling good, I can stay in shape and focus on the work that I love.

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