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Ferret Coat Care, Flea Control, And Shedding
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Purchase a bottle of Linatone, which can be picked up at any pet store. To use, open a 5 pound sack of food and pour 1/4 cup of Linatone. Shake until the ferret/cat food is coated with Linatone. Then just feed free choice. That is all there is to keep your ferret's coat beautiful.

Bathe your ferret weekly. Use Pert Plus Shampoo. It contains cream rinse and leaves their fu beautiful. Be careful of the eyes. If shampoo gets in their eyes, the ferret will get very scared and may scratch and wiggle to get away. Do not forget to wash feet, bottom, and tail very well. Ferrets walk and sit in their litter boxes and the powder from the litter can build up under their fur and cause hair loss.

Blow dry your ferret so it doesn't get a chill. Brush it when it is dry and you should then have a sweet-smelling fluffy ferret.

Bathing sometimes is not enough to control fleas and ticks, but Avon Skin So Soft is. Bathe your ferret, then rub in 1/2 cap of Skin So Soft while the fur is wet. Leave it on the fur for one hour, then bathe again and your flea problem is over. Do this about once a month. If you prefer a more outdoor smell after bathing, you can use eucalyptus oil in the same way as the Skin So Soft.

To Control the fleas in the cage and bedding, wash down the cage once a week and wash all bedding with Biz bleach. This will kill all flea larvae and eggs.

If your ferret starts losing large amounts of hair, don't panic. It will do this twice a year in the spring and fall. On the other hand if you notice patches of hair falling out or very dry skin patches, this needs a vet's care. Your pet may have eczema or a skin infection. They can get these from other pets. Also, pregnant females lose their hair.

I hope this article helps keep your ferrets' keep a beautiful coat of fur!

I hope this article will help with your ferret's grooming needs.

Lise Fitzpatrick For more information about ferret care, check out my ferret site at: Tikitavi Ferrets

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