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How To Care For Your Pot Bellied Pig
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Pot bellied pigs as pets. What exactly are they? What are their interesting and unusual behavioural and personality traits? Hoe do you house them? How do you house them? What are their dietary requirements? How do you handle them? What are the specific species ailments and disease you must be aware of?

Over recent years pot bellied pigs have become increasingly popular. As domestic pets they intelligent, playful and inquisitive. They can be trained by positive reinforcement at meal times to become obedient. Once the bond is established they can be walked on leashes. Also, they can be trained to perform tricks. Such as standing on their hind legs, begging, rolling over.

Early on in your pot bellied pigs lifespan is when you should purchase one. Your 4 week old piglet is far easier to raise and rear than an untamed adult which may be aggressive and temperamental and demanding with behavioural issues such as charging at guests and defecating everywhere and destroying all the toys in the play pen.

From the pet owner's perspective, pot bellied pigs are one of the best domestic pets to care for and maintain. However, they can become spoilt and demanding. Once you manage to tame their fierce and aggressive streak, they become loyal and trusted pets. Awareness of pot bellied pigs as pets has grown as several Hollywood celebrities keep them as pets free to roam around their pallatial mansions.

By providing proper care and nutrition your pot bellied pig has an average lifespan of 15 years which is about the same as the average dog and cat. While keeping your pot bellied pig is like having another 3 year old child, it is still one of the most suitable pets for families with children. Tea cup pot bellied pigs which are miniature versions can be handled well by both adults and children.

Endemic to Vietnam in South-East Asia, potbellied pigs are used to living in social groups with pecking orders between each family group. However there are no issues rearing pot bellied pigs as solitary pets for owners. Allthough pairs of pot bellied pigs are best when they are reared together from the same family, you can keep pairs of male and female pot bellied pigs for breeding.

To house your pot bellied pig requires an enclosed area in your home or back garden. Such as some form of kennel complete with bedding and blankets. As they require plenty of exercise because they are playful, inquisitive and adventurous you should set up an enclosed pet playground inside the back garden with balls, canine sized chewing toys, newspapers, pumpkins, plastic boxes with rocks and seeds, tunnels. All pot bellied pigs love to root and dig so include sandpits filled with rocks.

As pot bellied pigs have enormous appetites you should not continuously feed them. Because they can defecate and urinate in abundance you should litter train them to use set aside litter boxes in their pen playground. Many pot bellied pigs are fiercely territorial and possessive about the bond with their master so they can become intolerant of the wife or girlfriend.

In the pet playground, pot bellied pigs may charge around and even attack the fencing. Like many dogs, they suffer separation anxiety when their owner is absent for periods of time. As they can be walked on a leash and taught to perform tricks like standing on their hind legs, rolling over, playing fetch, shaking hands, waving when called they learn fast. Each pet can become aggressive if confined in their pen.

It is in the nature of your pot bellied pig to have an insatiable appetite. Always leave out bowls of fresh and clean water in your pig pen. Bowls of high fibre cereal such as oats, corn, wheat followed by fresh fruit such as apples, bananas, grapes and particular vegetables such as pumpkins, squash, cabbages provide all the right nutrition essential to your pot bellied pig's dietary requirements.

Allthough you should feed your pot bellied pig 3 times per day don't exceed this. Many cases of obesity are being reported by veterinarians these days. If you indulge your pet with 4 meals per day or more they will become ever more demanding. Allthough your piglet may be cute and easy to pick up and stroke or sit on your lap when your pig is mature it can reach 6 feet in length and weigh up to 10 stone.

To keep your pig clean and hygienic is essential to its health and well being. Our pot bellied pig sheds its black coat regularly so it requires showering. As you can train them to take a shower by leaving lines of grapes to the shower before spraying them, they appreciate the warm towel drying. Any use of treats and rewards is the best way to train your pot bellied pig.

While ailments and diseases affect every pet, your pot bellied pig should be given antibiotics for runny noses or sneezing. Teeth grinding is often common during their adolescence. If the fur molts far too often you should take your pet to the vet. Worms and mite parasites require treatment from your vet as they can cause damage. If your pet pot bellied pig stops eating be alert to your pet being unwell.

Soon you should be able to keep pot bellied pigs as pets if you follow these guidelines.


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