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How To Take Care Of Your Corn Snake
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Corn snakes as pets. What are their origins? What are their interesting behavioural traits? How do you house them? What tank substrate do they require? What temperatures do they require? What are their dietary requirements? How do you handle them? What are the specific ailments and diseases you should be aware of? How often should you clean your tank? How often should you breed them?

Over recent years keeping exotic pet snakes has become increasingly popular. From the pet owner's perspective, the best snake for the beginner snake owner is the corn snake. Not only is it easy to care for and maintain, it is family friendly. Even children can handle and stroke your corn snake. Each corn snake can gently wrap itself or squeeze around you without any danger or threat to you.

Every corn snake can be docile and tame if reared from only 4 weeks old. Our mature 6 feet corn snake can slither over the grass in your back garden. When you can hold the body and place your pet's head in one direction then you can guide your pet in the direction that it should follow. Because corn snakes like to be held and stroked they are family friendly and pose no threat to infants.

Corn snakes are endemic to the prairies of North America. With bright orange banding on the cream body they have an attractive appearance. As they feed on rats, mice, shrews, lizards they benefit prairie corn production by feeding on these pests and parasites which damage the crops. Most of the day they are sedentary as they burrow in soil for shelter and shade. Until they emerge to hunt at night.

When you buy your corn snake you have to check that its health is fine. If there are clear pupils and an active flickering tongue with no exposed patches amid the scales your pet corn snake is fine. Any misty pupils, runny nose, bare patches of skin or signs of distemper are specific signs that your pet corn snake is in fact unwell. Whenever your snake lies sedentary for days without feeding it is seriously ill.

To adequately house your corn snake there should be at least one 20 gallon glass plexicage with secure and enclosed lid. For your snake to be able to sleep and shelter and shed its skin and give birth there must be proper tank substrate. Only include turf and moss to depths of 3 inches covered with rotted tree bark chippings, leaf litter, tree branches. Moist and substrate keeps your snake's scales moist.

Another 20 gallon glass plexicage filled with the identical substrate is required for when you one female corn snake which has successfully mated with an adult male corn snake. Because the female lays clutches of up to 20 eggs at any one time in the leaf litter nest while remaining dormant for 3 months this substrate is essential. As the female reaches sexual maturity in 3 years you can rear families.

In the 20 gallon glass plexicage you can keep open cardboard boxes buried in the substrate or upturned flower pots or inverted plastic trays for your corn snake to lie buried within. Always set your cage temperatures to match those of the corn snake's endemic habitat. Between 70-95 degrees fahrenheit is suitable. If you can't guarantee constant sunlight then install undertank heating pads or overhead lamps.

Throughout the adult lifecycle of the adult corn snake you should provide daily supplies of fresh and clean water kept in shallow dishes. Here, your pet can immerse itself to cool down and shed some skin before it returns to the substrate. Besides dehydrating through lack of moisture, your snake can become overheated. Place your plexiglass cage in some dark shaded corner with constant exposure to sunlight.

Molting is one repeated phase of your pet corn snake's life where your pet has to burrow and hide in the substrate while it changes its skin. At this stage, your pet corn snake can lay inert for up to 4 weeks at any time. Only when your corn snake eye colour changes from clear to pale blue is molting definitely impending. On the approach of molting starting feed your pet corn snake daily with rats, mice, shrews.

Unless you notice when your pet corn snake is showing nasal discharge mucus or not eating any live prey left in its cage or not returning to you when released in the house and remaining inert then you don't know that your pet has serious ailments. Some worm and microbacteria parasites are likely to infect our corn snake. Always wash your hands before and after you handle your pet corn snake.

Until you start to clean your cage at least once weekly then there is always the risk of algae, fungi and bacteria accumulation. Instead of letting spores and microbacteria be contracted by your pet snake you should clean out your pet corn snake cage with mild detergent. Either you change your glass cage substrate every week or germs can easily spread. Corn snakes as pets are easy to look after for 15 years.

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