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News Break: Why The Use Of Remote Control Cars For Adults Has Surged In India
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It seems that it isn’t just cricket that the BRIC nation country India are going absolutely mad over. The racing of remote control cars for adults has taken off with a bang – especially in the city of Chennai. Under floodlights in a newly built arena on the outskirts of the town under a plethora of coloured cloth, spectators look on as Remote controlled cars whiz round the dirt track. Photographers click away feverishly when the cars pass, catching glimpses in the background of the drivers all lined up in the wooden watchtower up above.

This event was hosted by the IRCRA - Indian Radio Control Racers' Association combined with Rotor Sports, and we can expect a lot more of this sort of event. The track has been recently laid is just another example of how India is benefiting from excellent foreign investments and rising quality of life for the Indian locals. This simply wouldn’t have been possible 10 years ago. As a result this remote control cars for adults racing is attracting national attention, as is a great way for anyone to enjoy the thrills of an extreme sport without actually putting on a pair of skis or getting on a bike.

What has captivated the crowd and drivers alike is the sheer life-like replication that the racing has. It isn’t just a thrash round a track, but a well-timed race with pit stops and safety cars. Cars negotiate the apexes and corners the same way a single seater car would, careful not to lock up and get back on the gas as soon as the straight develops. These remote control cars for adults pit every 6 minutes or so, if you run the Nitro Methane engines properly and there is a frenzy of activity before each race to get the cars up to speed and finely tuned. Make no mistake about it this is a race day.

But despite this competition there is a unity among the racing community. Entrants help each other out to get the cars ready, and online forums and communities are exploding with popularity on tuning techniques and latest tricks and tips. This fraternity is growing everyday, with a record number of new subscribers joining month on month. The Indian Radio Control Racers' Association (IRCRA) are pushing this all the way and have organized further events with the ultimate goal of getting nationwide events. Landowners are being gently persuading into joining the open forums and as tracks pop up, so do the local followers.

So expect to read more from India when looking at remote control cars for adults, until then, goodbye!

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