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Parkour Tips - Beginners Need To Reed This
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Parkour Tips  -  Beginners Need To Reed This

Tip Number One - Be Careful Of Who You Listen To

So your new to parkour, and your looking for parkour tips for beginners. You can find a wide variety of information about what is important and what you need to do in order to be successful at parkour.

A lot of this you will find of videos being done by kids jumping off a parkour bench. Or running along a wall trying to look cool. But you need to be able to distinguish what is useful information and what it is complete and utter BS.

Do you want to take advice from a kid who jumping off a two foot bench, telling you that if you land just like him or her, then you'll be able to jump off a 15 foot family safely. Do you really want to be listening to a kid telling you to jump off a fifteen foot building?

I don't think so. So you need to make sure you can trust who you listen too. One of my recommendations is Laflair parkour, or the Tapp Brothers. The Tapp Brothers are two brothers that have become a sensation in the parkour world. They have tons of instructional videos, and their own parkour academy. They are called upon by the American Ninja Warrior to test out the possible courses and get their opinion.

These two brothers, know what they are doing and one of the few people I turn to for advice on parkour. Either that or find a local parkour group from the american parkour association.

Tip Number Two - Make Sure You Have Mastered The Basics

Parkour can be a dangerous sport, and in order to do it safely, you need to know how to properly transfer your motion forward to properly distribute the force of impact throughout your body. This is the essential core of parkour. The transfer of motion. Again the best way to do this is through parkour instructional videos.

The basics you need to focus are, the main two are:

  1. Parkour Rolling
  2. Parkour Landing

These are the two most important parts of parkour. The foundation of it that allows you transfer the forward motion properly to reduce the likelihood of injury.

After you have mastered these you can move on to the other moves that will allow you build your own combinations and unique movements that makes parkour so attractive. It is a form of self expression, and one of the few spots where you can really do it without judgement.

  1. Kong Vault
  2. Hand Stand
  3. Wall Climb


So to recap what you need to be able to do. You need to able to trust the parkour teachers you are learning from , and you need to master the basics.

Again my recommendation are the Tapp Brothers as they offer parkour instructional videos.

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