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Remote Control Cars For Adults: Whats Is Best? Gas Or Nitro Remote Control Cars
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So you are thinking of buying remote control cars for adults – where do you go first? This might be your first purchase in the RC cars market, or you might be a pro who just needs reassuring as to what the best choice is. Choice is the name of the game with Remote Control cars, you have multiple sizes to choose from, (1:16, 1:10, 1:8 & 1:5 scale RC cars). Other choices include gas cars, nitro cars or electric cars, or buggies, truggies, trucks or short course racers. So it is easy to get a bit lost in permutations and combinations. This article is designed to discuss one of the more fundamental choices, what to run your remote control cars for adults on, Gas or Nitro?

Let us take a look at the Gas powered car option first. These tend to be the bigger scale cars, usually your 1:5 scale rc cars, but can be smaller. Typically the motors range between 20cc and 30cc, and operate off a 2-stroke motor. They run off the same gas you put into your car, so can be accessed at any gas station, people who are keen on this hobby just tend to top up a jerry can when they fill up the car, nice and easy. One thing you have to do is just remember to add a bit of oil into the mixture before filling up the tank. Gas powered remote control cars for adults are great because this option doesn’t cost much money, especially in comparison to Nitro powered RC cars, which tend to be much more expensive.

Nitro fuel can cost up to $45.00 per gallon, depending on market prices, but that is a good benchmark. However this gallon will last a long time so do not be put off by this, it's not like that will be gone in the blink of an eye and you have to buy another, you will get some pretty serious run time from this gallon. But nonetheless, more expensive than Gas. Nitro fuel is also more powerful than Gas, so expect quicker injection, but you will need to complete a maintenance check on your RC car every time you use it. Don’t let this deter you again though, as it will help your RC car last for longer, so worth it in the long run. The Nitro cars do come across as the more expensive and hassle filled choice, but the long-term objectives are more beneficial.

So the facts are laid out for when choosing remote control cars for adults, the only other thing of note when making your choice is to bear in mind that Nitro cars may be harder to handle because of this increased power, making Gas cars slightly more user-friendly. The bottom line is it depends how into this hobby you are, and it’s a personal preference from here. Gas is lower maintenance and cheaper whilst nitro is more powerful and slightly more hassle, but you reap the rewards in the long term.

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I'm a beginner and I'm getting out of eletric and trying to get into gas or nitro but what I want to know is for a maxamum amount of $250 what would be my best choice for a 1/8th scale rc

  about 4 years ago
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