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Thinking About Buying 1:5 Scale RC Cars? Read These Exceed RC Reviews
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You have made up your mind, you want to buy a remote control car for adults, none of that kids stuff. You might already own one or you might be a beginner. Either way, you want to get 1:5 scale RC cars, because they are the biggest and best. But where do you start? This article is going to have a deeper look into which of the 1:5 scale RC cars are most suitable, and in particular have a look at some exceed RC reviews, as, in my opinion they are a great entry into the 1:5 world.

The Exceed RC range is excellent because not only is it better priced than its competitors, with the range starting around $650 USD, but they are very easy to use and maintain. These are all petrol based RC cars, so this makes maintenance easy. Petrol cars are easier to start and run, as the engine and starter is less fiddly than its Nitro fuelled brothers. The cases clip off nice and easily so you can reach in and clean them up after a hard day on the dirt track.

The first thing you will notice about these 1:5 cars is how huge they are, they are 1/5th the size of a regular car, so a pretty sizable amount of gear. I am going to recommend not getting a KIt car version or ARTR (almost ready to run) version, as they are only for the hardcore enthusiast, and with only a bit saved ($20 on a $650 investment) it doesn't make much sense, unless you really want to break your own engine in and construct the transmitter and receiver yourself. The RTR versions really are ready to run, just add the petrol (premium preferably) and some oil, a few batteries and you are away. So where next, onto the Exceed RC models, and which of these from our exceed RC reviews to go for.

The 1:5 scale Exceed Range is made up of 3 models. All of them come in RTR and ARTR, and all of them come in a variety of colours (mostly AA Red, AA Blue, AA Green, Green & Orange). There is a choice of 4 - 2 monster trucks, 1 short course and 1 buggy. But it is worth noting that one of the monster trucks is a prototype, and very hard to get hold of. The remaining 3 are the Exceed RC Barca (buggy), Exceed RC Wild Bull (short course) & Exceed RC Hannibal (monster truck). The Barca is my favourite of the models covered in the exceed RC reviews. It is rapidly quick and outrageously agile, but, however not as robust as the Hannibal or Wild Bull. This is to be expected though as these two are made for short course and monster truck tracks/jumps. The WIld Bull is a specialist short courser, and is toughened to deal with the added bumps and knocks expected from racing round a short course with 10 other cars. Similarly the Hannibal can take on anything you put in its way, it just bounces off as the suspension is insane.

But its worth noting that these models are absolutely incredibly quick, as quick as anything on the market. You are sure to be the envy of your fellow RC'ers. They truly are a piece of engineering masterpiece, especially considering the price in comparison to their competitors (HPI Racing Bajs's all tend to be $1000+).

So to conclude the exceed RC reviews, there is no better way to start in the 1:5 world, the Exceed RC Range is packed full of power, agility, robustness and above all at a great price.

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