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Youth Dirt Bike Gear
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Youth Dirt Bike Gear

Get The Right Gear, At The Right Price!

Do you have a child that likes riding dirt bike's or ATV's? That's awesome! But if he, (or she), isn't wearing the proper safety equipment, or if the equipment isn't sized right, then he's taking unnecessary risks. Find out:

  1. Exactly what the "proper" youth dirt bike gear is, for the type of riding your kid is doing.
  2. What the cool & popular brands are that your kid will love.
  3. How to size a youth motocross helmet.
  4. How much money you should expect to spend.

Why Don't All Riders Wear Helmets?

For starters, make sure your child is wearing a kids motocross helmet at all times. It doesn't matter what kind of riding he's doing, or, how fast he's going, he needs to be wearing a helmet in order to dramatically reduce the chances of a serious head injury, (or worse).

I guess some people think they look cool without a helmet on. I don't get that. I think everyone looks cooler in a motocross helmet. Every year there are thousands of head injuries, (many of them quite serious), to riders who weren't wearing helmets. So please, buy an mx helmet for your kid!

Helmet Sizing

There are plenty of cheap motocross helmets for kids that meet DOT safety standards. Pick one out and check to see that it fits well. Its very important that the helmet fits properly! The helmet should be a little tight on the head and cheeks. You should be able to shake your head back and forth without the helmet moving around. If it does, then send it back for a smaller one.

Helmet Features

You may notice that some helmets do not have a chin bar. These ATV helmets are normally for hunters, or other people who need to get to their face often. In any case, plan on spending between $50-$150 for a good helmet. The more expensive helmets are usually a little cooler looking, lighter, and have better airflow. Some helmets have a removable/washable liner, this is an excellent feature to have for sure! Head protection is by far the most important piece of equipment, and should be the very first thing you buy, but, if you stop there then you are still leaving your kid largely unprotected.

Boots Are Must Have Gear For All Motocross & ATV Riders!

After a helmet the next piece of kids dirt bike equipment you will want to get is a decent youth mx boot. The feet are in a dangerous location down there by the ground, pegs, wheels, rocks, roots etc., making a pair of kids motocross boots an absolute must. My boots have saved my feet from injury on numerous occasions, including a head on collision with another rider that sheered the foot peg right off my bike!

But you don't have to spend a fortune on these if you don't want to, as even a basic boot is going to do a great job of preventing an injury to your child's foot, as well as aid him in gripping the bike. The more expensive boots are more comfortable though, and they do last longer too. If you don't mind spending the extra money for a top of the line boot, then, go for it. They're easier to walk around in, and a little easier to shift gears with. Expect to pay around $90-$220.

Gear Combos Are The Way To Go

Next up, is a youth motocross gear combo. These neat little sets of gear include a nice looking pair of mx pants, jersey, and gloves. Sure, you can buy these items individually if you want, but, when you get a combo they all match perfectly, and are a little cheaper to buy this way too, about $80-$200.

You could argue that these pieces of dirt bike gear for kids are not really necessary, and from a safety standpoint, I'd tend to agree with you, but, your son is going to want to look the part, and this gear will help him look and feel cool, in more ways than one. The jersey is made out of a breathable and quick drying fabric, and the pants are vented. Some mx pants also have padding which offer a little extra protection. As for the gloves, you can ride without them, but, I certainly wouldn't want to. It depends a little on how long and hard you ride, but, it doesn't take much get painful blisters if you ride without mx gloves.

Don't Try To Get By Without Goggles

Motocross goggles are another must have piece of safety equipment, which belong in every youth motocross gear bag. Goggles not only keep the sun out of your eyes but offer a lot of much needed protection from impact too. A pair of shades simply won't do. Shades are not going to offer very good protection from tree branches, or high velocity rocks shooting off the rear tire of the lead bike. Not as well as a pair of motocross goggles will. Plus, goggles seal to the face, keeping all the dirt and dust that's flying around out there from getting in your kids eyes. They're a bargain at only $40, but, as usual, you could spend a little more, or less.

Does Your Kid Really Need A Chest Protector?

Well yeah. Those same shooting rocks are what make a youth motocross chest protector, (also known as a roost guard), another necessary piece of equipment that will cost you around $50-$130 You could probably get by without one of these for a little while if you had to, but I don't recommend you try.

You might be able to go the next six months without really needing a chest protector, or, you could break a rib on the very next ride. You just don't know. I've broken ribs on more than one occasion, so I'm speaking from experience when I tell you, it's a painful injury, (and can puncture a lung), but, I still don't worry about broken ribs as much as I do about head and neck injuries.

Neck Brace's, A Wise Choice!

A kids motocross neck brace will do a great job of protecting your kids neck. The cost for one of these can vary quite a bit, especially between neck rolls, and neck braces. If your kid is still a small child, just kind of putting around on a quad, or a dirt bike, then an Alpinestars Youth Neck Roll may be all that is needed for now. It does a great job of preventing the bobble head effect, but, won't do much more than that. More aggressive riders will want a neck brace.

I didn't wear a neck brace when I first started out riding, but, I always ride with my Leatt Brace on these days, (there other good brands out there now). It may take a few rides to get used to wearing one of these, but, once you do, you will not want to ride without one. Bottom line, mx neck braces drastically reduce the chance of a serious injury to your kids neck, so, make sure he is wearing one!

Get The Right Size!

Getting the right size gear is very important. Improperly sized gear will not offer the desired level of protection, and may even be hazardous. The sizing for kids dirt bike gear, like regular clothing, tends to be correct, but can be tricky sometimes. I'll be going into deeper into how to get the right size stuff later, so, be sure to check that out before buying anything!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about youth dirt bike gear. You now know that your kid is definitely going to need a helmet, boots, goggles, gloves, and probably a neck brace and roost guard too. I also told you how much money you should expect to spend on these items. Motocross is a most fun and exciting sport. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Please read my other articles to find out more about youth motocross gear and safety, and as always, remember,

Whatever gear your child is in, put safety first!

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