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Bed Reading Glasses - How To Read In Bed Without Hurting Your Neck
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Bed Reading Glasses   -   How To Read In Bed Without Hurting Your Neck

After a hard day's work there is often nothing better than taking a refreshing bath or shower, having an early night and settling down to read that great new book you recently treated yourself to.

The cares of the day fade away as you are absorbed into the literary world contained in that wonderful volume. You become more and more involved in the story and its characters and plot. Soon, all thoughts of work and the day's worries are forgotten as you get into the book!

Then, you start to feel uncomfortable. You have slipped down from sitting up straight and comfortable to lying half-way down the bed but with your head bent forward at a very uncomfortable angle. Ouch!

That's no way to read your book. You push yourself up straight again. A few minutes later you are half-way down the bed again!

That didn't work! Why not lie down and hold the book aloft, over your eyes? It might do the trick.

Then, your arms get tired holding the book at the perfect distance. You may even drop the book. Ouch! And you would probably have lost the page you were on!

So much for relaxing in bed with a good book! Might as well get up again and sit in a chair to read. Or give up and go to sleep. How are you going to get through that book?

I'm sure we've all experienced this, haven't we? Start off feeling relaxed and cosy while reading comfortably in bed - but then end up feeling achy and miserable.

Surely, there must be a way to read in bed without hurting your neck?

Well, there is. And it doesn't involve buying a new, electrically-operated-lift-you-up-bed or even extra pillows and bolsters. All that is needed is something a lot smaller and certainly a lot cheaper too.

Bed Reading Glasses!

These strange looking spectacles, often called Bed Prism Glasses, will allow you to lie in your cosy bed looking straight up toward the ceiling while reading your book at the same time. Your head will be held at its normal, comfortable angle, but you will be able to read that book without bending your neck.

With the book resting comfortably on your tummy your arms won't ache either! No more sliding down the bed, head bending forward more and more. These amazing glasses will allow you to read that book for as long as you like or until you find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Sounds good, but how on earth do they work?

Basically they bend light by around 90 degrees so that when looking straight ahead you can see straight down! You can get a similar effect by lying down and holding a small mirror in front of your eyes, angled at around 45 degrees from horizontal. You will see your feet and beyond and also a book resting vertically on you tummy. The book will appear to be hovering in mid-air above your eyes. Clever, huh?

One slight (slight?) problem though, is that the book looks up-side down! You may eventually manage to read it that way, but it definitely won't be very relaxing, which is the object of the exercise after all!

Bed Reading Glasses work in a similar way, but with the massive advantage that the book will look the right way up! This is done is by using not conventional mirrors, but Glass Prism Mirrors. These amazing devices reflect the light from the image you are looking at, IE the book, internally, several times. This has the effect of changing the viewing angle by around 90 degrees while at the same time keeping the image the right way up.

These Prism Mirrors are also used in binoculars, helping to keep them short compared to a Telescope of similar power. The prism mirrors in Bed Reading Glasses alter what your eyes see by around ninety degrees downward to where your book is comfortably perched.

So, by wearing a pair of these incredible, ridiculous-looking, but wonderfully effective bed reading glasses you will be able to read in bed without hurting your neck!

Street Talk

The more I see these the more I want to try them out!

  about 2 years ago

Sure wish I had these spectacles when I hurt my back and was in bed for long periods of time. What a neat and simple solution to a problem. thanks for the info

  about 2 years ago
Teresa M  

These sound really cool! Can you actually buy them?

  about 2 years ago

Since the light is being reflected multiple times, do you ever have trouble with reduced light?

  about 2 years ago

No, strangely enough. Because a Prism Mirror reflects from the INSIDE, not the outside surface, as with a conventional silvered mirror, there is no light lost due dirt on the prism's mirror surfaces! There would, of course be some light loss if the outside surfaces of the prism, where the light enters and exits, were to become dirty, but no loss from the prism's mirror surfaces themselves. Of course, this would depend on the purity and transparency of the material from which the prism is made, but this is usually an extremely high quality crystal glass. Many thanks for your comment and I hope this is answers your question.

  about 2 years ago

I sent your article link to my girlfriend, for although I never read in bed, she does constantly. Now that I think about it, that's not much of a reflection on....oh, never mind.

  about 2 years ago

I know what you mean. Maybe you should change her reading material! ;-)

  about 2 years ago

I have certainly experienced the discomfort of reading in bed that you have described. Who cares what they look like. The only one to see them besides you is your significant other. They are certainly priced reasonably enough

  about 2 years ago

Exactly. You aren't going to be walking down the street wearing them, are you? And if your significant other was wearing them in bed too... The price is pretty keen, isn't it? Mind you, there are some expensive ones that have special features such being reversible! They would allow the wearer to see things behind them when lying down or to be adjusted to somewhere between the two extremes. Using them to look up instead of down may sound a little odd but if the patient was confined to having to lay face-down, due to an injury for instance, they could then watch their TV in comfort. It would certainly reduce their boredom and make their stay in bed a little more endurable.

  about 2 years ago

I hadn't thought of that aspect but it sure makes sense

  about 2 years ago
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