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Lasik For Best Vision / Laser Eye Surgery And Hidden Realities
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Lasik for Best Vision / Laser Eye Surgery And Hidden Realities

OK, it’s time to get rid of glasses, because it doesn't look nice or you may feel it like an unnatural extension o your body that you have to continue your life with. So, why not to end it in a way…

Besides I don’t want to mention the mess of dealing with contacts.

Laser Eye Surgery, as in mainly known term, LASIK, is an alternative treatment that many people with glasses are preferring today in order to get rid of the glasses and contact lenses. Probably, if the reader, which is YOU, is somewhere from Europe or USA, might probably have a friend or relative who are operated with this surgical method. So, either this friend is today happy or not advicing at all.

Here comes the question.

Why some patients of LASIK is very happy, and definitely advicing this treatment and many others not? What went wrong and they are not happy? What do their doctors say about it?

Reason 1: Ask your doctor, am I a good candidate for Lasik?

Unhappy lasik patients, they were probably not good candidates before surgery. And their doctor did not inform them well or not even knowing good if they were good candidates or not. That’s why, if you are really thinking to get Lasik eye treatment, do not prefer the Lasik clinic at next door, but look for the most reputable one in your city with the most experienced and reputable doctors, even if it is in the city 200KM away from youre.

Keep in mind! Those are your eyes, travelling some hours will definitely worth for a small mistake of a doctor that will affect your whole life!

What kind of reputation are we looking in an eye clinic? I am definitely not meaning a fully commercial chain clinics who are highly profit oriented. A reputable clinic is the clinic, where its staff and doctors do have a fame of being good at what they do.

This fame comes from:

• The number of treatments their doctors have performed.

• The clinic or doctors published anything on the subject of laser eye surgery.

• The doctors of certain clinic frequently following the international congresses and keeping up with the latest issues on their specialization.

• And If they have (for laser eye surgery case) any femtosecond or Intralase laser (for blade free laser eye surgery )machine.

Reason 2: Every Eye doctor is not A LASIK doctor, even if some try to be.

Your eye doctor at your next door might be checking your eyes since you are age 2. But it does not mean that he or she knows about laser eye surgery.

Many eye doctors today, due to the reason that refractive surgeries are not their field of specialization, they do not know enough about laser eye surgery.Therefore, they may not inform you as good as a Refractive surgeon.

Dr.Bas in in his web site explains "Eye can be a small organ, but it is like a world. And an opthalmologist can not know all about the eye. It is impossible.Therefore, ophthalmologists are specialized. Some are Retina specialists, focuses on the back part of the eye, some are only specialized about the lenses in the eye, some on very other subject..."

If you consider that, LASIK Laser eye surgery is a treatment performed on the cornea, people who are considering to have LASIK should prefer a Cornea specialist, rather than a Retina specialist.

It is known that, many Opthalmogists specialized on different fields of the eye are also performing laser eye surgery, however, in the cases they face a problem, they always need to cooporate with a cornea&refractive surgery specialist. Therefore, having treatment with a cornea&refractive surgery specialist should be the patients first preferance option from the very beginning.

Reason 3: You were going to see better and feel no pain, if only clinic had that technology available

There are many patients who are treated with alternative methods without knowing, just because the clinic they had the treatment do not have the availible technology. This may result in long healing process, re-growing of the eye sight, severe pain after the surgery lasting 3 to 5 days, in some cases even 15 days. And damaging, more tissues on the cornea.

Especially patients who has hypermetropia or thin corneas should read here carefully. You might visit your clinic and doctor may tell you, "you are not suitable for LASIK, because your cornea is thin, flat or steep or you have hyperopia". At that time, they may offer you a different treatment called LASEK, PRK.

Ask them the method and whether if it will be painful for you after the surgery. And ask them if they had any special laser machine which they use only for cutting.(Intralase or Femtosecond Lasik)

If they say no we don't have. Ask your doctor, if your own case is possible to be treated with blade free or tissue saving technologies.

It’s always good to get a second thought before deciding a surgery. And it seven better if its free.

Get your screenings (Orbscan or Pethacam) that you had in the lasik clinic which you went to see if you are suitable for lasik or not. . And mail it to a clinic, which do have available technologies. A tip comes here.. if you only send a question or the numbers of your glasses, they might tell you," we have to see you down in our clinic". However, if you also attach your Orbscan or Pentacam screenings, if there is no any other abnornal situation, they would have some good advice to give.

For getting free information, there are also certain web sites offering Laser eye surgery abroad. They give a free consultation service right from the mouth of the doctors they work with. Some of the international ones are really big and the doctors they work and easily reach, are generally difficult to reach by regular patients. Such as Blumeditravel which is an international one.Also, there are companies which are working on country base. For example people who are considering to get laser eye surgery in Finland lasikresan and lasiikkimatka which they offer services both in Swedish and Finnish languages.For Belgium, ooglaseren-istanbul and for Germany augenlaser-tuerkei are companies giving such kind of a service for free.

Therefore, as you send your screening to them, you will get a free consultation and advice.

How safe is sending my medical data for LASIK?

The reputable international medical service providers are also follow certain regulations for not sharing the medical data of the patient. However, this is also something to keep in mind, in laser eye surgery, they do not ask you too much personal questions.

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