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Some Of The Many Uses Of Bed Prism Glasses
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Some Of the Many Uses Of Bed Prism Glasses

Bed Prism Glasses, you know, those odd looking spectacles with mirrors, are primarily used for watching TV in bed comfortably and for reading in bed. But they do have other uses too.

Watching TV in bed.

These are the ideal glasses to watch movies on TV when lying down in bed. Wearing them means you can lie down with your head propped up on just your usual number of pillows and still watch the TV comfortably. When the time comes to drift off to sleep all you need do is hit the remote control to turn off the TV, remove your glasses, roll over and close your eyes. You won't even need to worry about removing any extra pillows or bolsters or getting comfortable – you're already there!

Reading in bed.

Reading in bed using these weird looking items of eye-wear is another very popular use for them. Once again you will be lying down comfortably, with your head on your usual one, or maybe two, pillows. Your book will be held easily on your tummy or chest with no weight to support. Your head will be in its usual sleeping position, so when those words on the page start to swim before your eyes (that's what happens with me anyway!) all you need do is remove your bed prism glasses, close your book and your eyes and drift away.....

As I say these are the two most usual and well known uses for these spectacular spectacles. But there are other uses too. Some that come to mind are:

Typing on your Laptop on the beach.

Ever tried to use your laptop in bed or maybe lying out on a blanket on the grass or a sandy beach? With nothing to use to prop yourself up this can be a very uncomfortable way to write that blog on your laptop. Try sitting up without any back support and you'll soon get to feel a back ache starting. Best pack the laptop away and write that blog later. Shame really, as you could have got a lot done. Put on your Bed Prism Glasses though and you can lie down with your laptop perched on your tummy and type away to your heart's content! Sounds unlikely? Maybe, but believe me it really does work.

Movie viewing on a laptop.

Viewing a movie on that laptop is also easy with a pair of these funny glasses perched on your nose. Nothing worse than just getting to the exciting part of the movie when “oh-oh! My back is hurting!”, is there? Once again this is where these glasses can save you from an awful lot of aches and discomfort. As above, just perch your laptop top on your tummy to watch the whole DVD without getting a back ache! In saying this one thing that it might be worth considering is some sort of Laptop Tray as most laptops can get a little warm. But as far as back aches go, by using these spectacles and lying down comfortably, you won't get one!

Being confined to bed.

Being confined to bed because of illness or injury, either long term or short, means that even just trying to watch TV can be a challenge. Sitting propped up by pillows in bed, for even just a short time, can easily give you a stiff back and neck. I know that whenever I've been in this situation, if only for a day or two, I get to feel really achy and when I do get to leave my sickbed my back feels really stiff and sore. Lying down in bed is bad enough but trying to sit up propped up for any length of time can make things even worse. So I then have to decide whether to lie down and not watch TV, or to sit up, watch TV, and get a back ache! Bed Reading Spectacles allow me to lie down comfortably and still watch TV without getting a sore back or neck.

MRI Scans

Anyone who has had to be scanned in an MRI scanner or similar medical device probably knows that feeling of being trapped. Claustrophobia can easily set in as all you can see is the roof of the machine above you. Many hospitals now offer their patients the use of Bed Prism Glasses to ward off these feelings of Claustrophobia. Even just being able to see the world beyond your feet can effectively lift any such unpleasant feelings. In fact another name for these glasses is MRI Glasses and they are classed as a medical aid when used in this situation.

Great for reading E-Books

These glasses are also perfect for relaxing, poolside, on a lounger and reading an E-Book. E-Readers such as the Kindle are great for catching up on that latest novel. But once again sitting up to read one of these devices - as light as they are - can proof a little tiring. As with book-reading, lying down to read your E-Book whilst wearing a pair of these glasses makes all the difference between an achy back and total relaxation. You may look a bit odd wearing them but you'll be the one without any aches after reading your E-Book!

I-Pads and Tablets too, of course!

It goes without saying that I-pads and other tablets can also be read comfortably when lying down using a pair of these strange looking specs. With some tablets now quite large in size, and of course heavier, lying down and holding one above your face can soon get to be a bit tiring on your arms. Having the blood in your arms drain down can also means you won't be able to maintain this position for long anyway. You could easily lose your grip on that expensive tablet and drop it! It will probably survive, as they are quite tough, but it's probably not the sort of treatment you'd want to subject it to very often. However, with the tablet sat comfortably on your body or on a laptop tray, perhaps, all you'd need to do is hold it at the correct angle for viewing. Virtually effortless!

Reading Newspapers.

Ever tried lying down and reading a newspaper? The broadsheets, in particular, can be very difficult if not impossible, to hold above your face while lying down. Gravity soon takes hold and the paper then collapses onto your face! Been there, done that! Many times! Newspapers are not designed to be read in this manner. The other problem, of course is that if you are lying down and the sun is shining brightly above you, it could be right behind the paper making it difficult to read as it either shines through it, or around it and dazzles you. Holding the paper up in the normal position avoids these issues and wearing Bed Reading Glasses allows you to do just this while lying down and reading comfortably.

These are just some of the uses for bed reading glasses. There are, no doubt, others. For such an inexpensive product they are extremely versatile and useful and are well worth owning for yourself or giving as a gift.

Street Talk

Looks like these glasses could save a lot of wear and tear on the neck...and other parts of the body. Valuable info, Doug.

  about 9 years ago

Great info. These things are ugly but very versatile.

  about 9 years ago

I remember a time when I wish I had these glasses in bed. I try not to watch as much tv in bed these days. Good Info Doug!

  about 9 years ago
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