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The Hidden Dangers Of Glasses
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Don't take your glasses off and drive your car.

Since you're probably blind as a bat without your glasses, you would probably run me off the road. So let's not do that. Rather, I am hear to tell your glasses or contacts, while they are helping you see now, are also further damaging your eyesight.

The good news is.

Improving your eyesight is possible. The way corrective lenses work is they force your eye muscles to remain flexed. This flexing brings your retina into the correct position to work properly when wearing a specific prescription lens. While this allows you to see, this is not exactly the best route for improving your eyesight.

This is because eventually your eye muscles become worn out and can't keep this required flexxing up. So you end up going back to the eye doctor for a new prescription that will fit your weaked eye muscles. This cycle will continue through your life.

Glasses do more damage to your eyes.

There is a way you can combat this and start improving your eyesight on your own. This way involves learning and practicing specific techniques that teach you how to relax your eyes and how to improve the blood flow to your eyes. Also, how to centralize your focus, how to focus on just a single color or a particular shape and how to move your eye more naturally.

At first it will seem difficult to take all the different techniques in but as you practice these over and over you will start to internalize the information and performing the techniques will become as natural as walking or speaking. Also, when you preform theses techniques for improving your eyesight, do not go and put your glasses back on right away. Let your eyes rest without your glasses for at least a half an hour after. Maybe take a nap, don't watch T.V., go for a walk without your glasses if you can.

Difficult at first, because you are learning something new.

The first things humans do when they learn something new is feel confused, fearful and hopeless.

The techniques are actually very simple and after you have practiced them for a week or two you will be able to preform them without really having to think. It's not magic but if you are consistent in using these techniques for improving your eyesight you will eventually notice results. You may not have 20/20 vision in a month. However, I do know some people who have experienced drastic results in a very short time, but please remember every individual is different. You can eventually have noticable improvements in your eyesight over time.

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