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Willing to improve your income?, Or to support your family? Well, if you are 18+ you can make the best second income as a part time job and also you can make a full living from writing online, nowadays work is hard to find and even if you found one you will not be paid what you are willing to earn because budgets are tight.

In fact I was facing the same trouble as you do, I see the prices of everything increases while my job is not making me enough money to live a happy life, I keep searching and learning and I got scammed a lot in searching for online jobs like what I am working now and I am making full and happy living from it and I will tell how to start earning money from writing online and believe me its really awesome.

First of all I would like to say that this business increasing and a lot of people searching for online jobs as the statistics of 2010 shows that more than 5 millions are working through the internet and more than 400,000 people making good second income from writing and more than 550,000 people are making full living from writing online. Just to be fair with you, you will not be rich over night but how can you earn money from writing online?.

Well, a lot of companies searching for some one like you to write them articles and reviews about their products and also the huge online market that called affiliate marketing these people are willing to pay you money to write for them articles, reviews and web contents and they will be happy to pay you because they really need your help, but why online writing is totally different than offline writing?

Offline writing you will not earn money as much as online writing and also you will not be able to get traffic (readers) as much as internet for example if you are writing for a US news paper you are connected with millions but writing online you are connected with billions, the most important part that makes this business awesome that you can write about any thing you are interested to write about with no doubt you can find someone to buy it and millions to read it which means you can write about ANY topic you like and still you will be paid for doing that, in this business no experience required and no writing skills required believe it or not all you have is to deliver a proper information about your topic in anyway you would like to reach your audience, but how to start?

All you need is to join one of the webmaster that contains a market inside some of them are free but those free webmasters got a poor market inside, paid webmasters are not expensive that much it's between 60-$100 to join to be enrolled in their huge market and good webmasters will always offer in the beginning 7 days trial with a low fee between 5-$10 and at least 30 days money back guarantee after you join one of the web master you have to browse all the projects inside and place your bids on any projects you would like to write about and if the provider likes your bid will accept it and ten you can start working on the selected projected to be paid.

Meeting dead lines is eligible is order to build good relation ship with your customers and also to gain more gravity and ranks, dismissing dead lines will lead you to FAILURE because you will not be paid and you will lose points and gravity and no one will come back to you again to work with you so be careful.

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Street Talk

This is a great article, thanks for sharing! What are the typical payouts per online article? Does this increase over time? Are there some sites that pay more than others? What is the best way to find sites that pay you to write online articles?

  about 1 decade ago
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