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Farm Fresh Eggs Versus Store Bought
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Farm Fresh Eggs Versus Store Bought

When you compare farm fresh eggs versus store bought, you'll find that those from backyard hens allowed free access to green grass are far superior to caged hens' eggs.

According to an in-depth study by Mother Earth News, in which they actually tested the nutritional content of a wide sample of eggs from factory farms to pastured poultry, the eggs from free-range backyard hens:

  • Had less bad cholesterol
  • Were lower in total saturated fats
  • Contained more vitamin A and E
  • Were better sources of beta carotene
  • Contained more omega-3 fatty acids

The difference in quality between a typical egg from a conventionally factory-farm-raised hen, compared to one from a small backyard flock, is visible to the naked eye. Fresh small-farm eggs:

  • Have deeper golden yolks (not pale yellow ones)
  • Contain a firmer egg white (not thin and runny)
  • Are typically purchased much, much fresher than those at the store -- sometimes they're sold still warm form the hens!

Why Are Farm Fresh Eggs better than Store Bought Ones?

There are several factors that contribute to the superiority of free-range eggs versus those from battery-caged hens. These include their diet, health, and physical environment. Backyard hens typically have a much more varied diet, to include fresh grass and bugs. Caged hens get one grain formula their whole lives.

Free range chickens are much healthier than those crowded in confinement laying houses -- they are not exposed to the disease and parasites that plague overcrowded hens, and are physiologically much, much stronger and vibrant as a result. A healthier hen obviously lays a better, more nutritious egg than a sickly one.

Fresh air and direct sunlight, both privileges of the hens that lay farm fresh eggs, go a long way in maintaining chicken health -- keeping bacteria and disease at bay and promoting good health in the flock.

While there are many obvious and measurable aspects when it comes to fresh eggs from free ranging hens, some of the other benefits are not seen at first glance -- benefits to the people who raise these chickens humanely, benefits to the local environment that is improved by small amounts of chicken manure and not overburdened by the excessive chicken waste factory farms produce, benefits to the local economy supported by many small farms instead of large Agra-business.

Because of nutritional content, chicken health and tangible and intangible benefits to humans, there's little contest when it comes to farm fresh eggs versus store bought: the best eggs are those from happy hens in small backyard flocks.

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Why are my backyard chicken egg's shells less fragile than store-bought eggs? Does anyone know?

  about 9 years ago
T Gray  

they need oyster shell, sand, small gravel, any thing that will build the calcium levels..i have an area with river sand and also sprinkle about 2c of shells around where they eat about every 2 wks.. it is not good to give them chicken egg shells because they will think it is ok to eat their eggs...hope this helps

  about 9 years ago

Good information Maria...I was given some eggs from a local farmer and WOW they have taste! Thanks.

  about 1 decade ago

I have moved back to buying farm fresh eggs (free range) because of all the antibiotics and chemicals that are being passed on through the actual egg content when you buy commercial farm eggs. Some of the stuff you find in commercial eggs can be a little scary as well, including their "almost white" yolks. I thought yolks were supposed to be yellow? Great post! I love my local farm eggs every morning!

  about 1 decade ago

That is so cool you are getting local farm eggs instead of factory farm ones, Kyle! It's so much healthier for you and the people and chickens who produce the eggs. For anyone who doesn't have their own backyard flock, supporting local farmers gets you a superior product, keeps your dollars local and helps out a small business instead of Big Ag.

  about 1 decade ago

Yeah, I definitely try to "keep the money locally" when I am buying produce, meats or eggs. Local food is much healthier, tastes better, has health advantages and more times than not is more cost effective. If it is available, it is a no brainer! ;)

  about 1 decade ago

So awesome, Kyle!

  about 1 decade ago

Yokes are supposed to be Orange not yellow

  about 8 years ago
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