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A Little Black Dress For A Curvy Woman
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A Little Black Dress for A Curvy Woman

We all want to look and feel fabulous in our little black dress at the upcoming holiday parties. So, finding the perfect LBD to hug your curves may feel like a daunting task, but if you follow the steps below, you will be turning heads in no time. Here are some things you should consider when buying a little black dress for a curvy woman:

1) Material- Forgiving and stretchy fabric is best for comfort and performance.

2) Fit- Consider ruching in areas that you want to conceal

3) Sleeve Length- 3/4 sleeves conceal upper arms, sleeveless elongates arms, and full length sleeves look best when flared and flowy

4) Hem Length- At knee length or slightly below the knee is the best overall length; it hides thighs and doesn't make your calves look larger.

5) Neckline- Consider this depending upon breast size and dress material (soft material+plunging neckline=an oopsy)

6) Color- Dark solid colors are slimming and flattering; subtle tone on tone prints add detail

OK, so you are now ready to search and commit!

Ladies, don't be afraid to show off your assets this holiday season. The tips listed here will help you pick out a deliciously divine holiday dress. Taking your time to find the perfect LBD can be quite rewarding. Every beautiful woman deserves to buy her own Christmas gift.

I have found some stunning and affordable LBD’s on the internet. Almost every variation of the tips I have listed are available. When searching consider the following:

Try picking dresses with sheer fabric over a full lining. This will give you coverage and femininity. Criss cross tops offer greater support and ruching at the waistline or a ruched satin belt or sash adds detail while concealing problem areas. A flowy skirt, at or just below knee length conceals hips and buttocks. Stretchy material is forgiving yet flattering. Ruffled or beaded detail on the skirt is gorgeous and will draw attention away from your top or midsection. Larger breasted women may want to consider sleeveless with thicker straps or any variation of sleeve length instead of spaghetti straps. Criss cross or button fronts add detail, catch the eye, and very supportive. Pullover dresses and those with hidden back zippers make it easier to get in and out of them. Plain black dresses can easily be accessorized with a great pair of gold or silver heels, strappy sandals or platform peeptoes, a wide belt with buckle detail, and a fabulous clutch purse. You can even try a shawl or wrap. A great necklace can be a focal point. Even a new do can make a plain dress more elegant. One LBD can have several different looks just by adding accessories.

You can be red carpet ready with a minimal amount of money that will give you a hundred different holiday looks. Step out of your house and into the spotlight this holiday season in your curve-hugging, shape flattering little black dress. Women, you've got curves, so…let your little black dress show them off at all of your holiday parties!

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