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A Little Mistake That Cost A Fan Hundreds Over Dollars For Someday Perfume
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Just recently I read a report, a huge fan of Justin Bieber left totally disappointed after having paid unnecessary price well over hundreds of dollars for a bottle of Someday Perfume, teen heartthrob’s newest line of fragrance on the internet. Can you imagine a bottle of perfume way over a hundred online?

Although I am not the biggest fan of Justin like you are, but since I do most of my shopping online, after going through the report, I decided to share with you how you can avoid paying more for this signature fragrance before you buy right now.

But before that, let me briefly describe how this fan ended paying more when this perfume should only cost this fan somewhere between thirty to fifty bucks as I have found out. As you already know, these days most people shop online because they can do it from any place they can possibly imagine where internet access is readily available, and I guess so did this unfortunate fan.

So, as she was searching and comparing the prices from various online sources, which is a wise thing for you to do if you buy things online… and, she finally decided to buy from a merchant who seemed to her, offering the most affordable price. The next step, she completed the cart, and waited for three days for the perfume to arrive at her house. That was pretty fast, and that I have to credit the merchant for the speed.

But unfortunately as she hurried to open the package she just received, it was a total disappointment because there was absolutely nothing inside the package! Thinking she could easily get a replacement, she contacted the merchant, only to faced with rude customer personnel and informed to personally take the matter to the courier service who delivered her package. And soon she found out she was kick around for trying to claim her paid item.

As sorry as we can feel for this fan, I think you can imagine how you would feel if you put yourself in her shoes.

The Costly Mistake

Now in the report, I understand that she was later granted a replacement but at an additional cost to her, to which she had refused to and currently claiming a refund from that company but who knows the end of her story. Now carefully looking at this fan unfortunate event, you might realize that the little mistake by this fan is to buy because of the cheap price.

Understandably, everyone knows that buying on the internet is easy and cheap. And because of this, most people are easily lured into buying a product, such as Someday perfume because all it need for a dishonest online retailer is to display a big bold cheap price tag of a product on their website.

A Learned Lesson

I did mention earlier that I am a frequent online shopper didn’t I? You see, I had run into similar problem a number of times, out of minimal experience, but it never stop me from buying things online. I truly understand how disappointing it could be if we were rob like that but there’s an important lesson I’ve learned in online shopping 101 so to speak.

To be honest, feeling like I’ve been slapped in the face, I gained a valuable consciousness that over the internet, cheap prices should equally be valued to great service by merchants, just in case, in an unfortunate event like the above example, where consumers didn’t receive the product, they can really look forward of kind assistant through great customer service. Only then consumers like you and me, can truly enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

Now, I maybe not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber like you are and maybe price is not the real issue for you if you truly are a big fan of Justin, but I think you can agree with me that if whatever price you are willing to pay to grab Someday perfume, you would want it to be backed by a solid guarantee from a trusted merchant to have a truly safe buying experience.

Fact: A truly reliable merchant build trust by delivering their promises.

So remember, it’s not about the price tag. It is about how you find a reliable merchant, a merchant that you can trust not to rob you and deliver Someday Perfume as promised. Hope you'll have a pleasant experience purchasing Someday Perfume through the internet.

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