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A Question Of Clothing
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A Question Of Clothing

There has been a lot of streetwear brands coming out of Denmark in the last few years, I'm not sure what is going on out there but by golly they are productive and on point.

A Question Of is one of the latest brands to poke its head above international waters, and it is one of the strongest to, combining the Danish classic clean cuts, sustianable Africa cloths and labour force which is treated fairly. This is a winning combination in anyones books and don't be surpised if you see a lot of other brand following there lead.

Their T Shirts carry tongue in cheek slogans and plays on the bigger brands logos, this is right on point for this season and where most new brand are playing catch up at the early stages of there businesses A Question Of is ahead of trend already.

The quality of the of cloth is right up there as well. Every item feels well made and the cotton is soft to the touch, all the colours are well choosen to and they all have a washed out feel. This adds to the over all comfortable feel of the clothing and what makes it so easy to wear.

One of the stand out pieces from this year collection is the La Couture sweat shirt, which uses a logo simular to that of Lacoste. It has been printed on a faded out green sweat shirt with white print. This jumper is one of those items which will wear in with you over the years and by the feel of the workmanship it will still all be in one piece. Their T Shirts are made to the same standard too, in fact all their clothing is too.

Now we must remember that this is a brand that has only been going since 2010, which in fashion label terms is not long at all. It is quite amazing that they have gotten this far so quickly, it normally takes a brand a few years to find it feet and then a afew more to really set out its stall. But A Question Of seems to have been well thought out before it the first print was laid out on the first T shirt. With such a string base I can only see this brand getting stronger every season, well that is as long as they can stay up with the fast moving pace of the steetwear scene.

So if you are looking for something that is comfortable, on point and that is doing a little bit to help the world out, you won't be going to far wrong if you choose to buy A Question Of.

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