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Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist
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Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

Moms, and for that reason dads too need to realize that they no longer need to say no to invitations to go out and have lunch with friends or leave the baby home with one parent while the other goes out to run errands only to rush through the shopping because they miss their child. A good baby bag with the right essentials checklist can change this. We have compiled this checklist thinking of the right essentials that could make your outing stress free and enjoyable. There's no reason why you and your baby can not be all times


Whether you like cloth or disposable diapers. The rule of thumb for how many you should carry is 1 per hour.


Wipes are for double duty, not only are they for your babies bottom but also for cleaning their little cute faces after eating.

Burp Cloth

This is the forgotten essential that is a must. You just never know if your babies food is going to end up on your clean clothes. You'll thank us for this one.


Your outing will include a feeding or two so don't forget to add this one to your list, especially if your toddler is wearing their nice outfit.

Rash Cream

A rash on your babies bottom can ruin your day, not to mention your toddlers. A rash cream should not be left out of your list.


Whether your babies milk is expressed breast milk or formula, don't forget a couple bottles for your baby bag.


Keeping your little toddler happy will also make your outing a happy one, that's why we put this one on your list of essentials.

We hope that this list will make your outing a more relaxing and enjoyable one. Whether it be for a couple hours or maybe even the whole day, a good list is as important for your baby bag as your own list is for your own personal bag. The list will vary depending on the time frame of your outing, but for the most part this list for your baby bag essentials checklist is very accurate. You will find that your outings with your little one could have been sooner, but better late than never!. We think that you will be very satisfied with this list. You may even want to have a print out so you can keep it in your baby bag, that way you can keep updating it and adding to it as you see fit.

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