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Movado Store
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Movado Store

Where and how to find a Movado store.

The Movado store is not really there anymore. Movado used to have a line of retailer stores through out the country. According to an article in the Chicago Herald from 2010, Movado decided to close several stores, because of the slow economy and declining sales.

There are still a few Movado stores in some states, but not as many anymore. My latest research on the movado website, showed, that there are about 35 stores left nation wide. Mainly in states with a high average income and high population density.

Movado Web store. Web stores is a totally different story. A search for Movado store in Google returns a result of 7,590,000 websites related to this keyword. This does not mean that there are 7,590,000 web stores that sell Movado watches or products. This means that all these website have the word Movado store in them It also gives you an idea how the internet is slowly taking over a big part of retail shopping.

  • offline about 35 stores
  • Online about 7,590,00 related websites

With a large search result for Movado store like this, it is very hard to find the right store for your purchase. I could make a whole new article about the benefits and downfalls of buying online. I will just highlight some of the, in my opinion, important points you should look for in any online store, and not just a Movado store.

  • Great customer service
  • Return policy
  • Warranty
  • Customer reviews
  • Product information

And the most important one: Better prices than in a regular store.

Everyone knows on line stores like Amazon that have a great reputation and they are resellers of Movado watches. Another useful website I found is Movado mens watches. This website has a whole page about the Movado store and where to go for the best prices.

A little research online can provide you with a load of information, to come to the right decision where to go for your purchase. I tend to do a lot of product research before I make my purchase and I advice you to do the same. It can save you a lot of money and in case of a problem a lot of aggravating e-mail and or phone calls with customer service help desk.

My search for a good Movado store took me about an hour. Starting with a Google search for the word Movado store, this is my strategy to find what I am looking for.

  • Finding some stores
  • Reading customer reviews
  • Reading cunsumer ratings.

My advice is

Take advantage of the lower pricess in an online Movado store, but be careful where to buy.

Never give more information on line than you would do in a normal store.

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