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Straight Razor Brands
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Straight Razor Brands

Recommended: Learning which straight razor brands are the most highly regarded, and which ones should be avoided, is the best starting point for anybody considered the switch to straights. Unfortunately, there are many low-budget, cheap knock-off brands which may appear fine on the surface, but are simply not up to standards.

A straight razor isn't something that can work well with a lower quality steel. Poor steel doesn't get sharp easily in the first place, and if it does ever get that way, it can easily become wiry, nicked, damaged, and blunt again. this means it really is a case of choosing the better brands or choosing nothing at all. Buying a brand that only barely does the job a straight razor should perform is virtually pointless.

Below are some of the top brands, as well as one or two brands you should avoid.



Essentially the Apple of the straight shaving world, Dovo still produce an impressive amount of razors every year, which is harder than you might expect given how artisan a craft it is. There are a variety of different blades, but all of them are top quality. The standard Dovo "best quality" blade will cost you over $100, while the "master's" blade will be closer to $200. These are blades that will never let you down or need to be replaced, so consider them very worthy investments.


The Fromm shares with Dovo that its steel is forged in Sollingen, Germany. Steel forged in Sollingen is famous for making the best razors, and Fromm blades can definitely keep an edge and produce a decent quality shave. They are noticeably cheaper than Dovo, at around $60 for a blade, so they ARE inferior, but are reasonable all the same. They make good "starter" or "spare" blades, as they are inexpensive. Serious shavers would be better off with a Dovo, but a Fromm will generally not let you down.

Dubl Duck

The Dubl Duck's are no longer manufactured, which makes them slightly rarer and sometimes more expensive. You can still find them in some markets or online though. They are probably the most highly sought-after blades in existence and come very highly recommended by those in the business.


Gold Dollar

The Gold Dollar blades from China are more popular than they should be. First-time buyers looking to get a razor on a budget or often incorrectly attracted to them. Yes, they are cheap, but their quality and therefore value is incredibly low and they would be better off serving as movie props or ornaments.


Similar to Gold Dollar, the Kriegar straight razor is a cheap knock-off that will only cause more aggravation than comfort to your skin. Reviews are often very negative and they should be avoided.


A straight razor is not something that should be bought cheaply or on a budget. There are still options for those without a lot of money to burn, such as Fromm and several other brands. If you come across a brand that appears incredibly cheap, chances are it is not a decent blade at all. You can always Google for more information, but in the long run it is better to stick with the above three brands.

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