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Tips On Teen Fashion
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Fashion is a hot topic for teenagers to create a fun,exciting, and simple trendy look with their own personal style. Many bargain stores sell the latest, unique style for a great low price. Fashion is a great way to express your personality. Make sure you feel comfortable with what are your wearing, you will know when you have a great smile to go with it.


Bedazzled belts, laced leggings, and short skirts are a major influence on today's fashion world for teens. Try to focus on something you really like and build around it. Don't wear everything you own all at once. For example, if your going to wear a big bedazzled belt, don't wear big glittery accessories that's over doing it. Work on that confidence to help you build your trend around your own unique character.


Accessories are the finishing touches to make that trendy look stand out. Big rings, colorful bangles, customized jewelry, and head bands will never go out of style. You can find all these different types of accessories at the mall at your favorite discount store. That certain type of accessory will go great with that outfit. Remember to keep it simple, but keep it you.


Goddess sandals are from the 70's and 80's but are a big hit for the 20th century for fashion icons everywhere. They can be worn with your favorite type of shorts,skinnky jeans, leggings, and dress. So if you want to show off your Goddess sandals pair them up with one of these trends and you are ready to show off your look.

Bright Colors

Whether it's a bright top or bright bottoms, bright colors are best to be worn in the summer time. Just make sure your not bright from top to bottom, you don't want to be brighter than the sun. Make sure you even it out. Match it up with your favorite head band or other accessories.

All About You

Don't know what to wear? You can also get help with finding fashionable styles in teen magazines. Take time when planning that outfit. Make your fashion statement all about you, keep it fun and excitiing. Also keep in mind, you don't want your outfit too baggy or too tight. Make sure you know your clothing size if not, try it on in a fitting room at your favorite department store. Once you got that, you are ready to go out with your friends. " Make it work!"

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