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Top 10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Women
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Top 10 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

If you're looking for cute Halloween costume ideas for women, please keep in mind that Halloween is a fun excuse to overdose on candy, get free treats from your neighbors, watch horror movies and dress up in outrageous, funny outfits that you would never otherwise be seen wearing on a regular day of the week - Its the best time to dress up like your alter ego or any other interesting character you've always wanted to dress up as. You have the option to either make your own costumes or you can buy your Halloween costumes either used at a thrift store or brand new at any store that's selling them.

Without further adieu, keep reading to find out about Top 10 cute Halloween costume ideas for women that will get your creative thinking going for this year's Halloween festivities.

1. Flapper Costume

Flapper costumes are cute and so 1920's. A flapper costume is a cute Halloween costume because its easy to wear that you can even make one yourself. Make sure that your dress is short and even better if it has frills. You can then add black net stockings underneath and finish off the look with some round toe heels, long necklaces and wavy hair pinned back with a feather piece in your headband.

2. 50's Film Starlet

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bridgett Bardott etc. are all classy, glamorous and cute choices for girl's Halloween dress up costumes. You'll be able to channel your favorite 50's screen star even if its just for a night. If you're going for more of a glamor look, wearing a costume influenced by your favorite 50's screen siren is the way to go.

3. Naughty Nurse

Bring out your playful side with a naughty nurse costume. Be as outrageous as you want, after all, its Halloween night! All you will need is a basic short white dress, white stockings, 2 leg garters or leggings, high heels and a stethoscope with a vintage nurse's cap. Remember to keep it sexy, yet tasteful because the idea here is not to cross the line from sexy to vulgar.

4. Police Woman

Ever wanted to emulate a police woman without getting charged and arrested for impersonating an authority figure? This is the time to break all the rules by becoming a sexy police woman and living out your fantasies of being a woman of the law even if its just for one day.

5. Alice in Wonderland

If you're going for more of a fantasy storybook themed costume then Alice in Wonderland costume is a cute, creative fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. The idea is to mimic Alice in Wonderland by wearing a long dress, clogs for shoes, having straight long hair ( a long blonde wig will do), wear a headband and remember to add lots of peach blush to the apples of your cheeks.

6. Betty Boop

Did you know that Betty Boop was one of the world's first sex symbols! Demure, yet sexy and a whole lot of woman. If you're going for a look full of sex appeal and femininity, then becoming Betty Boop for Halloween will suite you just fine.

7. Moulin Rouge

Remember Moulin Rouge? It was not only sizzling, but tempting, hot and provocative. If you decide to go for the Moulin Rouge look you need to go in full force, it's not for the faint of heart nor will it look good if done half-heated. Just refer to the movie itself and you'll find more ideas in regards to the look you're aiming for. So get out the shiny, satin costumes, feathered hat and short skirt with a high slit. A garter belt is also part of this costume...Now that's HOT!

8. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Angelina Jolie made Lara Croft the super sexy and strong independent woman a lot of women look up to. If you're looking for movie Halloween costume ideas, what better way to embrace such a positive and influential character than to don a Lara Croft Halloween costume on October 31st! It's a sexy, yet empowering way to channel your inner strong, sexy, kick-ass woman.

9. Sailor Cadet

There's just something sexy, yet cute and fun about sailor costumes. This is your chance to be adorable, yet intriguing. What you'll need is a mini dress and some white stockings and you're set to go,just add a sailor's hat, a red bow and remember to show a little skin for a touch of sexiness. But then again feel free to just wear your sailor costume in whatever way feels comfortable for you.

10. Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is such a cute and quirky character and is really amongst the best you can be on Halloween if you especially want to stand out from the crowd. Heck if you wear your costume right you can win a prize or two if you happen to be going to a Halloween party. Marge Simpson Halloween is for the girl who wants to be cartoon cute, have fun and definitely have fun with the big blue hair, green shift dress and yellow skin!

The above costume examples are there to help you get some information on Halloween costume ideas 2012. You should approach getting dressed up for Halloween with an open mind. Good luck, have fun, and Happy Halloween!

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